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Samsung Infuse 4G and Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fkrepubligion, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    The official Gingerbread update is not yet available. It's expected to be out soon though - the team that is developing it at Samsung/AT&T have been leaking versions of it for a while, and for a month or so, all leaks stopped (which apparently signals that it's near completion and release). People who used the latest leaks also mentioned that the build is stable, so it's coming soon.

    If you don't want to wait, you can root your phone and then install a custom ROM. It's kind of like jailbreaking your iPhone - this will void the warranty, but you can easily go back to stock state using ODIN.

    If you feel uncomfortable tinkering with the phone, I would just recommend sticking to what you have and waiting for the official Gingerbread release. Unless you go with ROMs like Zeus/MIUI/etc. that are very different from the stock, you won't notice a big difference.

    I spent two months on Infused 2.1 and came back to stock because for some reason, not all of my videos which previously played fine would no longer play. The custom ROMs are also developed by people who are generous and do it for fun, so there can be minor bugs here and there, which you should be aware of.

    Like I said, if flashing, custom ROM, minor bugs sound very uncomfortable to you, I'd recommend sticking with stock. It's not hard to root and install a ROM though, just go to XDA forums and check it out.


  2. yankeefrek924

    yankeefrek924 Lurker

    Just talked to samsung wont give any info on release date :(

    Shelby: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    Kristoffer: hi i was advised to download kies mini from samsung for my infuse but when i plug it in i get the upgrade phone greyed out and its un-clicable
    Shelby: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Shelby: I understand that you are not getting are unable to access update option on phone. Am I correct?
    Kristoffer: yes
    Kristoffer: what is the latest update maybe my phone is up to date and i am not aware
    Shelby: Thank you for the confirmation.
    Shelby: I will be glad to assist you with the information.
    Shelby: May I know the firmware and baseband version on your Infuse phone?
    Kristoffer: firmware is 2.2.1 and baseband is I997UCKH1
    Shelby: Thank you for the information.
    Shelby: As of now , your phone is updated. when there are any further updates, the option will be accessible.
    Kristoffer: when will be the next update
    Shelby: Yes, 2.3 gingerbread is planned for this device; however, dates have not been determined. Please check back for updates.
    Kristoffer: ok thank you very much ATT told me in a week or so but i figured id go directly to samsung because i read a lot online att has been giving out untrue release dates
    Shelby: Once the update is released the information will be posted on website or will be notified on your phone.
    Shelby: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Kristoffer: nope that is all
    Shelby: It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. If you have a minute, please click on the blue
  3. weezmo2000

    weezmo2000 Lurker

    I have it on good authority that the gingerbread update 2.3.6 for the Infuse 4G will be available tomorrow 2/1/12. It will only be available via sideload through Kies Mini.

    Obtain Kies Mini:

    1. Obtain a copy of Kies Mini for the PC from the Samsung website. They just released the Kies Mini for the Infuse on 1/18/12. Uninstall any Samsung kies software first. Follow the links on the website to the pages for the Infuse 4G and click on support and then software. You'll see the Kies Mini update with a 1/18/12 date on it.

    1. Open Kies Mini. Connect to your PC using your USB cable.

    Note: An automatic update to Kies Mini may occur when Kies Mini is launched.

    2. On your phone select the USB mode by touching Kies (Firmware Update).

    The computer should detect new hardware and install the drivers automatically. This may take a few moments.

    3. Click on Phone Upgrade.

    4. Read over the Caution statements. Check "I have read and understood the preceding information". Click the Upgrade button.

    5. Kies Mini will upgrade your Infuse
  4. NJR

    NJR Well-Known Member

    YES it will be.
  5. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness... You guys have made me super excited haha.

    I'm willing to trust!
  6. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    Is the update button grayed out until the update is actually available? The install seem to go fine. It recognizes the phone but shows it as an unregistered device.
  7. yup. that's pretty much all it does. mini is pretty much just an update tool. But if this update is anything like the GB update the HTC inspire got, you'll barely notice.
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  8. StephenC

    StephenC Lurker

    5AM here in Texas....no update as of yet.....
  9. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    Guess no one has seen the update yet?
  10. still nope. damn you weezmo for getting our hopes up lol
  11. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    It's definitely here. The problem is the Samsung update site isn't live yet. As far as logistics are concerned though, AT&T's calendar has this going online today. An AT&T representative had posted the link to the update this morning but then upon realizing that the Samsung page wasn't live, took the link down and said she'll get the link back up once Samsung gets the page going.

    Either AT&T forgot to tell Samsung that the update was scheduled for today or Samsung didn't get their shit together. Regardless, it's here, you guys. It's here. Just wait a few hours (or possibly a day). It's here though. It's here.

    At last.
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  12. yayyyy we get GB, even though it came out 14 months ago!
  13. weezmo2000

    weezmo2000 Lurker

    Sorry andyinmichigan, it was "supposed" to be out yesterday the 1st, but apparently nobody told Samsung. It is however up now. My update is downloading right now.

    I got the dreaded unregistered device until this morning. now it says upgrade device... YAY

    Good luck all
  14. acemonroe17

    acemonroe17 Lurker

    Gingerbread is online via Samsung's Website, download KIES MINI (on a 32 BIT O/S) and plug in your phone, the rest is easy. The gingerbread version is 2.3.6, anyone find a break, let me know...Thanks
  15. lol no problem. i too am having the unregistered device issue. i went to the website and registered. i have the latest kies, usb drivers, win xp 32 and it's not working out. It seems this is happening to a lot of people that did the OTA update back last september.

    then i also read that that is an issue and the're working on it. so who knows...
  16. Jus10

    Jus10 Well-Known Member

    I've tried connecting to kies mini and I'm getting the same response other people have mentioned. Unregistered device and grayed out update button. I have been more patient with this update than anyone else, bit At&t and Samsung has just dangled a steak in front of a dog and took it away. Very upsetting.
  17. dimitrios91

    dimitrios91 Lurker

    If you are getting a device unregistered message, try registering it at Samsungs website.
    Wikipedia announced that AT&T is planning to send an OTA ( Over The Air ) update out
    on 02/08/2012 to fix the Kies mini issue regarding unregistered device. It's a patch based on Kernal that blocks Kies mini from being able to update to Gingerbread 2.3.6
  18. frydaddy96

    frydaddy96 Lurker

    Good info here. My Kies says 'unregistered' after talking to live chat, they want me to do a hard reset of the phone to see if the problem is with the phone.:thinking:
  19. from what i can tell the tech support is pretty thin. i don't think a hard reset will do it, it's a problem with the last update and kies not getting along. i'm just going to wait til they get it straight.
  20. Jus10

    Jus10 Well-Known Member

    I hope that ota update talk is legit... yeah its coming up unregistered on Kies. I don't have the link saved in my phones favorites to register the device (which I'm sure i already done). Can't find it on the Samsung site either.
  21. bumancuzbrah

    bumancuzbrah Newbie

    Still no gingerbread. I'm getting hungry.
  22. frydaddy96

    frydaddy96 Lurker

    This is what I was told by samsung on the phone this afternoon. Samsung found a problem with GB and pulled it from the server. It doesn't matter whether you have the 5 or the 1 version. They are looking to have it fixed by Fri. The problem I find with this is that I recall reading of people upgrading this weekend which would not be possible if GB was pulled.
  23. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    It would be great if that was true. It will get more complex though, since a lot of people now upgraded to the "official" Gingerbread, which I guess won't be official when they post the newer one.

    I have a nasty feeling that when they post up the fixed official one, they're going to have it so that people can upgrade to it from Froyo, and then we're going to have everyone who upgraded to the Gingerbread via GTG's Unbrick all being stuck again and having to re-do the whole process.

    This is just starting to get funny. Hahahaha. *epic sadness*
  24. tomthebomb97

    tomthebomb97 Lurker

    its because GB was pulled due to a small amount of users having the " unregistered device " error, and those who were not affected by this issue could continue to update to GB
  25. tomthebomb97

    tomthebomb97 Lurker

    So now its thursday and still no GB fix. Although, now when i run kies with my infuse instead of saying " unregistered device" it now says " Software up to date ". hopefully means a software patch sometime soon . been waiting for months for this update.

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