Help Samsung Inspire - Tethering???


Any word yet if we are going to be able to tether this phone?

WiFi would be coolest, but USB would work for me as well.


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I'm definately not the final word on this. But my understanding after searching for the last three days on Samsung and the Indulge is that it can't be rooted right now. The standard tools don't work. There are a few Samsung Galaxy phones that have been out for a while that aren't rooted yet.
Tethering can't be done without rooting the phone. And Metropcs doesn't allow tethering. It's in your contract. I know this after researching it for my Archos 5. I don't think MetroPCS has any phones or plans that allow it.

As I'm sure you've seen, Silvist is trying as we speak, with no success. (Thanks Silvist!).

I can't wait for this phone to arrive at my local store!!
You can root the Optimus M and than download an app to tether, but to be honest Metro gets it's balls squeezed by the phone manufacturers....they just are not allowed to give us everything without a contract. Remember that phone manufacturers get kickbacks from ALL cell phone carriers, so they have to fulfill their obligations to ALL cell phone carriers. Do you think apple limited the Iphone's carrier choice for all that time with no monetary gain....I think not.
There is so much greasing in this industry; it is a wonder that phones to slip out of our hands.