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Feb 9, 2011
I have the samsung intercept for virgin mobile and sprint just got there intercept updated 2.2. Im guessing virgin will get the same update in spring and want to know that will 2.2 help the performance of the phone and fix the bugs it has?
Got my Intercept 2 weeks ago the 2.2 update was there & ready. That was the first thing that I did. Have you checked in your settings for updates?

VM is prepay Sprint, runs on the same network. Take it to a Sprint store they should help you if you can't find it.
>op>>yes, usually updates include bug fixes
im running sprint's froyo system on my vmu intercept
its working great
hopefully vmu's is as great as sprint's

if you want froyo now theres a way to flash sprint's froyo system without baseband modifacation (your baseband will remain di06 :) )
no mms :(
if you want to know how to flash sprint' froyo system without baseband modifacation
They're will be an update for virgin but they keep saying sometime in spring and im getting anxious to get it bad.