Samsung J5 broken screen, need data off phone


Hello, everyone! Unfortunately a Samsung Galaxy J5 has been dropped, and the screen (while not cracked) has gone black and won't turn on. The phone itself seems to work, as we can hear the various notifications coming in. How can we safely and preferably with no cost, get the contacts and memos off of the phone? The wifi is turned on on the J5. I have taken out the memory card and SIM card and put into another phone already, we have the photos, but no contacts or memos. I have tried Samsung Sidesync, but it won't recognise the phone. I have searched and searched, but all the apps that you can download have bad reviews ie. Dr Fone, I don't want to pay for any crap that won't work or cause loss of data. I did connect the phone to both my PC and our TV via USB, but all the folders are I'm guessing the contacts and memos are in the phone's internal memory? How do I retrieve the contacts and memos?? Thanks for any help and advice.


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
what about samsung's smart switch? your contacts should be stored with google.....unless you only added them to the phone locally and not have google save them for you.

and what memos are we talking about? what app did you use?