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"Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping" Locked out of phone

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by vonroflburger, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. vonroflburger

    vonroflburger Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    So my S6 edge recently came up with a notification saying "Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped" with the only option being to close the app. I was using the Swype keyboard at the time. The keyboard then wouldn't show up so I tried restarting the device only to get the same message. Now I am locked out of my phone and have no idea how to get back in, all I get is the same message. My phone also will not shut down, the only option being to restart it. Can anyone please suggest a fix?

    Thank you

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    Post #2 by Thayer Prime, Jul 20, 2017 (3 points)

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  3. Thayer Prime

    Thayer Prime Lurker

    Hi! I just had this exact problem that occurred in the exact same way. I found your post whilst panicking! I've fixed mine though: enable Emergency Mode. This shuts down to only essential services. This gave me the default Samsung keyboard back, so I then typed in my password. Then I disabled Emergency Mode and was logged in to my phone - then went into the settings and re-enabled Swype.

    Hope this works for you! Let me know.
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  4. tedzwedz

    tedzwedz Lurker

    Thank you i just tried it, its works!! phew!!!!
  5. 4RJ

    4RJ Newbie

    Why open my account imo
  6. dynomot

    dynomot Android Expert

    Well that was weird !

    It just happened to me also on my S6 edge. (SM-G925F) I was swiping a text message using Gboard (not Samsung keyboard) and I got exactly the same thing. "Oh I'll try a reboot" (fingerprint locked usually) thinks I. Nope, no keyboard to enter my password after a reboot. Panic !

    Thanks for that Theya Prime. It worked for me too. However weird things are happening my S6 edge has gone "laggy" and apps that have had notifications turned off now are notifying me. This is a bit weird. It's been fine all day, nothing new installed, nothing updated. I would say it was the software update (just a security patch to July 1st) last night only it has been 18hours working fine.

    I'll report back.
  7. Sarj007

    Sarj007 Lurker

    Thayer Prime
    You are an absolute Legend
  8. Sarj007

    Sarj007 Lurker

    You are an absolute Legend
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  9. harmesway891

    harmesway891 Lurker

    I'm in, thank you.
  10. Sarj007

    Sarj007 Lurker

    Think it was SwiftKey that caused mine.
  11. MacGuyver2

    MacGuyver2 Lurker

    Hasn't worked for me. Emergency Calls can be made but that uses the numeric keypad; neither the Samsung or Swype keyboards appear for me to input the password. I've been through Android Recovery to wipe the cache/partition, rebooted the system and powered it down. No luck :( Anyone else managed to get in without a factory reset?
  12. MrFred

    MrFred Lurker

    Hey, I'm not sure if this will work for anyone here, but I have been having the same problem today, and found a solution!

    Was in middle of typing a text (I think using Swype Keyboard, but not 100% sure as just updated to Nougat), when suddenly I get 'Samsung keyboard has stopped' error message in middle of screen. I closed this message, but it kept on coming back, and the keyboard would not appear when it should do (when opening a new message etc).

    I did a soft reset of phone, but as I had finger prints enabled (along with a back-up password) this then meant that I could not log in when it has reset, as it will only let you use the back-up password for the first time you unlock your phone after a reset. Doh!

    After playing around with it for a while, and soft resetting several times (as I had read someone else apparently fixing it this way), I remembered that I had Samsung SideSync installed on my desktop computer.

    This enables you to attach your Samsung phone (only certain phones I believe) to your desktop via wifi or usb, and then view the phone screen on the desktop, get notifications on screen etc.

    It also allows you to control the phone with the desktop keyboard and mouse!

    I was able to then use my desktop keyboard to type in my password and voila, unlock my phone!

    It still means you need to fix the keyboard issue (something I managed by clearing Samsung Keyboard Cache and Data, and Swype Cache) but at least you are now able to do this!

    So if you install Samsung SideSync, open it up, go to the MENU option (top right of SideSync window I believe) and then it should give you the option to use keyboard and mouse with phone, then follow any further instructions.

    Apologies for long post, but hopefully this will help some people with the same non-appearing keyboard issue!
  13. GriM3Y GriM

    GriM3Y GriM Lurker

    Same issue for me. Started getting the "....stopped working message" while using the Swype keyboard. Only available option was to make an emergency call. Luckily, I opened my camera, clicked the "settings" icon and hit "reset" to apply the default camera settings (not sure if the last step was even necessary; but wanted to detail the exact sequence). After closing the camera and returning to the lock screen, the Samsung keyboard appeared.

    Hope this helps. Backing up my data as I type....
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  14. Earllll

    Earllll Lurker

    Here's a slightly different set of instructions that worked for me:

    -Go to Settings
    -Select Application Manager (note I went into Quick Settings to select it and now I can actually get "Application Manager")
    - Find Samsung Accessory Service and select it(I guess the keyboard is in this?)
    - Select Storage
    - Select Clear Data

    This fixed it for me for now, not sure if it will "stick", but a good short term fix at least
  15. I use the Swype downloaded keyboard (with emojis) and I am constantly getting this message when I click the smiley for emojis. It only began after the update last month...incredibly frustrating!!
    Easier fix:
    pull down top menu-->settings-->language and input-->default keyboard-->switch back to Swype...problem fixed.
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