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Trying to find any other threads about Samsung Kies software as I cannot get it to show more than "Contacts" for my Galaxy Ace. However, the search engine on this site appears to be broken as its been stuck on "Loading Search" for over an hour. Using IE8 on XP.
The "USB Debug Mode" on my Ace gets switched back on every time I connect to USB, and I suspect that the lack of ability in Kies to access anything else on my phone apart from contacts is down to Win 7 64 bit trying to mount the internal memory and therefore somehow locking it from Kies. Tried the software on a clean Win 7 64 bit virtual machine but same issue. Samsung support no use on this....
Any advice/suggestions welcome!


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usb debugging will always switch on when you connect to PC. Always.

Try with 32bit windows 7 or XP....


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The Kies software is supposed to be compatible with Windows 7 64 bit so I have no intention of trying to set up other operating systems just to get around bad software testing.
On closer investigation, what appears to be happening is that Windows is trying to mount the internal storage but is failing and thereafter you cannot eject it while the phone remains connected. The trick appears to be to plug in the phone via USB with the display enabled, and then very quickly tell the phone to allow the internal storage to connect to the PC, before the PC has finished mounting the detected storage. At that point the internal storage is mounted correctly.