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Samsung modem driver

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tekoneiric, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. tekoneiric

    tekoneiric Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Anyone know where I can get a modem driver for the Samsung Moment. I found a way access the DUN functions and make the phone show up as a USB modem on WinXP machine without rooting the phone but now I need the driver. Is the driver part of Samsung's PC Studio?

    Here's the USB Info:

    SAMSUNG CDMA Technologies

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  2. johnbarry3434

    johnbarry3434 Newbie

    So do you mean as a usb modem or a Bluetooth modem? For a usb modem I use PDAnet and as for Bluetooth I think thats supported by PDAnet as well but only for Android 2.0 users.
  3. tekoneiric

    tekoneiric Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Drivers for the DUN/USB modem functions built into the Samsung Moment. I managed to find a way to get to them. When I set it to act as a USB modem rather than PDA Windows XP sees the device and needs Samsung CDMA drivers.

    To access the functions install DG QuickCut then go into it. Click on Create a Desktop Shortcut, select Activity then select DUN, do it a second time and select PhoneUtil. After you have the shortcuts you can open PhoneUtil and set it to USB modem, at that point when plugged into a windows PC it'll start looking for the drivers. I can only assume with the proper drivers you can access the built in DUN capability.

    BTW DG QuickCut can add Terminal Emulation to Dropcuts but not a desktop shortcut. Unfortunately it doesn't have root permissions.
  4. johnbarry3434

    johnbarry3434 Newbie

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