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Samsung moment dev forum

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by numus, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. numus

    Thread Starter

    So i am trying to purchase a domain for samsung moment developers (samsungmomentforum.com is a yourmobile forum so we have no control over mods or content)
    Trying to figure out a domain name and find out if anyone is willing to donate a little for the cause
    Premium Hosting
    That is just one webhost that seemed resonably priced (if you have any others that you would like to recommend that would rock) .. Android forums is great for the "newbie" level person, but for us to actually develop it would flood this forum like nothing else...
    Not looking for someone to donate like 10-50 bucks.. just like a buck or so to help decrease my out-of-pocket expense..

    My paypal account is eblieb@msn.com

  2. jayfitt

    jayfitt Newbie

    Good idea, I'll help out....
  3. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Android Expert

    Well, there's an android site that is already developed and overall seems pretty dead. It could use the traffic that you are suggesting. It's at Androidoverdrive.com and there's a Moment section that is virtually untouched.

    I have no affiliation with the site. I don't think I have even registered a name there because it is so dead. But thought it might help.

    Edit: removed the link.
  4. numus

    Thread Starter

    Unless they are willing to hand over either some admin or atleast mod to those we want to have it, then it is kinda worthless to move to another site (plus teh fact that they might let the 1 year lapse if they aren't willing to pay for it).. trying to get something that the developers can maintain and post to and will include newb forums and other stuff for assisted portions, but allow us to filter out the repeat questions (5 threads of the same thing) from the actual work we are trying to do...

    P.s. i am not trying to beg or anything.. just don't really have 40+ bucks to come out of pocket my own for.. We are talking about something we have been giving for free and most people are willing to pay for applications.. Not trying to insinuate that we would ever ask money for the actual development of the moment and we gladly will continue to release the stuff for free.. just trying to get the tools that we need to do it more efficently
  5. KeithKris

    KeithKris Member

    I have a VPS that I'd be willing to set up to host the forum free of charge. I can run any PHP/Mysql based forum software that interests you. I can spare a couple hundred gigs of bandwidth a month and can probably handle a couple dozen simultaneous users with the capacity I have. So assuming you're not expecting this to start at massive scale, I might be able to help. PM me if you're interested.

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