Help Samsung Note 10.1 - Location issues


Newbie cheking in ...! My wife's shiny Galaxy Note 10.1 cannot locate position in order to allow Google maps or other apps that require location data (e.g. the music hub, it seems!). In location services, WiFi, GPS and the "allow to use location" (or something similar) are ticked. If I go outside and locate sats for GPS, it works, but as soon as I lose GPS coverage the WiFi derived approximate location fails to lock: this seems a WiFi location problem only. I have turned the device on and off again, and reset the wireless router. All the while, my smartphone is happily showing WiFi derived position, with the error circle around it in the usual way. Any help gratefully received!

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I have moved this thread into the Note 10.1 forums to receive some more device specific assistance. Hope this helps!