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Samsung Note 3 Stucked at Boot - Samsung Word Screen.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Apoorva Sheth, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Apoorva Sheth

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    Hi Experts,

    I use Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 bought in December, 2013 - India.

    Recently, for no reason or fault of mine, my cellphone has stucked at the start screen where the word SAMSUNG is displayed with colorful dots flowing around. What can be the issue and how to fix this? I've checked with the Samsung Service Centre and they recommend Hard Factory Reset but that will result into losing of important data. I've tried Wipe Partition Cache option but didn't fix the issue. So my questions are:

    Q1. How to get the data extracted from this cellphone before going ahead with Factory Reset?

    Q2. Is Factory Reset the only solution to fix the issue. Isn't there any alternative means by which I can reach the home screen without losing the data present in the internal storage?

    Q3. I am unable to reach the Safe Mode with the combination of keys pressed as guided on Google Search.

    Q4. If Factory Reset is the only solution than is there any Free Software which is strong enough to get all the data back? More importantly, I want my WhatsApp folder back which has important information and post Factory Rest, I will stand a chance to re-obtain it.

    Q5. Is any one aware of Mobile Data Recovery experts in India so who can be approached for the recovery of data post Hard Factory rest is done.

    A quick reply to this query will be much appreciated!


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  2. Hadron

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    If this is an unmodified Note 3, specifically if it doesn't have a custom recovery, there is no way of accessing data on it without booting into Android. So if it won't boot, there is nothing you can do.

    Note that a factory reset may not even fix this. It depends on what the cause is. It could be a hardware failure, in which case nothing but replacing the failed components (probably the entire motherboard) will fix it. You won't know until you perform the reset and see whether it works afterwards. The reset is just one of two things the user can do, the other being a complete reflash of the software (requires a computer). I don't know whether that can be done without wiping the phone - I'm not a Samsung expert, but on many phones this process resets the phone as well.

    I am not optimistic about recovering your data afterwards, I'm afraid. Most of the software that claims to be able to do such things doesn't work. Feel free to try, but it would be wrong to raise hopes. Not being in India i don't know about local specialists.

    It may not help you now, but if data are important you must have a backup that is not on the device. What would you have done if the phone had got wet or been stolen, i.e. some event where there was suddenly no prospect of getting data from it? In future remember that data on the device are not safe.
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    I'm selling mine.

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