Samsung Note 5 extremely laggy?


My original Note 5 stopped charging so I had to file an insurance claim, I had the phone for over a year and it was flawless up until that point. So I get the new (refurbished) phone from Verizon and it is extremely laggy, the keyboard (SwiftKey), videos, the web, games, everything lags like nothing I have seen before, even on older phones. I have a Note 2 that is running games much smoother.

So I return it. They send a new one and it has the exact same problem. I'm so confused because my original Note 5 never lagged like this, I've tried clearing the system cache, factory reset, disabling bloatware all to no avail.

Has anyone experienced this/know of a solution? Do I just keep sending these phones back until I get one that doesn't have these issues? Any input would be appreciated.

EDIT: Jeez I joined here in January 2011, Android for life. ;p
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Nothing like that, I know better lol. The phone is completely fresh aside from Textra, SwiftKey and the game I mentioned. My old Note 5 had the same 3 apps installed and quite a few more.