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Nov 17, 2009
Manchester, Tennessee
FYI if you use Samsung Pay, and go to the Galaxy Store to get updates and see Samsung Wallet there, do NOT uninstall it! I found out, seconds too late, that Samsung Pay is now Wallet... now I get to set up ALL my cards again!

Okay, good for you - since Big Tech is already spying on me (they know we just bought a 2nd freezer and a bunch of meat in bulk), I may as well take advantage of the convenience and rebates. Plus, it's fun when the cashier says, "oh, we're not set up for mobile payments" and I hold my phone to the terminal & it works...
I've looked at Samsung Pay on my Note 20 Ultra. But the funding options seem rather limited, I can choose from either AliPay or WeChat Pay. I already use both of them for contactless payments. Both of which are linked to a single debit-card from my bank.

The thing with Samsung Pay it requires NFC, most small places around here just don't have the necessary NFC equipped EPOS terminals to use it. Whereas AliPay or WeChat Pay, it's just done by scanning a printed QR code, often stuck on the wall in restaurants etc. Same thing with Apple Pay, that requires NFC as well.
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The last two times I used Samsung Pay weren't memorable; in fact I stopped using contactless over the reaction:

1. Rural gas station (had NFC capability but they didn't know apparently) I used my watch to pay, and they got angry, hit 'CANCEL' on their end (I saw the screen) and told me to get the **** out of their establishment as I was 'hacking' the system. Needless to say, I was quite upset.

2. Lowe's. I was using their self scan, and since the Galaxy Watch S3 Classic had MST, I figured it'd work. It brought down their entire payment system for ALL registers. Took 5 minutes to reboot, and alongside angry customers backed up in other lines looking at me, and the manager getting on my case about it, I stopped and just swiped like a peasant.

When you live where I do, trying to use the latest tech doesn't always work. There's stories on Reddit about those who get told to not use Samsung pay or NFC transactions by management since they don't get their money or something. Tons more assuming it's black magic (rural areas/technophobia are common), and many assuming outright that Apple Pay = Google/Samsung Pay.

The closest I get today is Walmart and Kroger Pay, which I use on a tablet that's offline unless I'm in a store. At least those two are open to technology and not so afraid of it.

Today, everyone uses chip'n Pin. You know, they stick a card in, wait like a minute plus, then it goes 'beep beep beep' like some master alarm from Top Gun, then they remove it. It's so slow, but that's about as new and open as the stores here get. I don't think I've ever seen anyone tap a watch or phone to pay without getting accosted much like I was.
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At least some of my stuff moved over to my new phone! It's bad enough that I have to verify every payment card with my financial institutions AGAIN... but the main grocery store card - the one I use more than all the other cards combined - just disappeared. I have cards I haven't used in years: but I have to dig that physical card out of... wherever it is, and re-add it.
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At least you didn't get the false positive 'fraud alerts' when using Samsung Pay. That one also halted me for a time, ultimately forcing me to switch to a VISA. My Amex card worked just fine if I swiped the card itself, but despite it being supported by Samsung Pay (and Apple Pay), if I used those methods, it'd decline outright, and I'd get an email that declared a possible 'fraud charge' and I had to click 'try again' in the email, and then it'd work ONE time, and that was it. Took far longer than using cash. I might as well be writing a check in the checkout line for how long it took. I never knew what caused Amex to assume every Samsung/Apple Pay purchase was 'fraud' but it happened so often I went with Visa that works fine. Also today, our town is more open to NFC than it was in 2018-.