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Support Samsung Proclaim Problems (multiple!) New Android Phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slow_mo_panda, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. slow_mo_panda

    slow_mo_panda Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 3, 2012
    Michigan, USA
    I am new to this forum, and this is my first Android phone, but I did once have a Pandigital Android tablet that I actually successfully rooted. I haven't really looked into rooting my Proclaim yet, is it worth doing? What are the major benefits to rooting the Proclaim? It basically does what I want, but I have several problems I have yet to find answers to:

    -How do I prevent my screen from turning off during a call? I usually use the speaker phone but it still goes black after a few seconds during a call, even though I have the timeout set at 10 minutes. (I use the power button to put the screen back 'to sleep' as soon as I am done so it's not on for 10 minutes at a time anyway.)
    -I need to extend my battery life, but have tried all recommended options such as turning the screen off as soon as I am done using the phone, reducing wallpaper/display options, closing all running apps, and also I installed the Juice Defender app, however my battery life did NOT get better, if anything it got worse.
    -APPS! I read that UNinstalling Juice Defender will save battery, but when I go to Settings>Apps>Manage Apps>Juice Defender, the 'Uninstall' button is grayed-out. This is the same with most all of them, it doesn't give me the option of clicking Uninstall. So HOW am I supposed to uninstall it? I already stopped the app, so it shouldn't be running, but I have tried all different ways to uninstall, and I can't. I am afraid to put any more apps on the phone until I can uninstall them!
    Also for APPS: Is there a way to move apps to my microSD card and they will still run well? I did finally find out how to browse and edit my SD card storage from my PC, however, I don't know how to install apps to my SDcard. I also have not yet tested the ringtones I moved to my SDcard, as I have questions about them also...
    -Videos: I have read that the phone requires DivX video format, and also on this forum it says mp4. So which is it that will work on my phone? Do I need a 'Content Transfer' program on my PC to add video to my phone?
    -WiFi/3G: I have wifi in my apartment, through ATT, and I mostly use my laptop which I have plugged into my HDTV for a super-sized monitor! (I've become so addicted to having this huge hi-def monitor now, I can't hardly function on the main laptop screen!) Is there a way to set my phone so that it ONLY uses the wifi, and then stops using the 3G? Like, is there a pre-installed function to just push a button to switch back and forth, or is there an app I can use? I noticed when I turned the wifi on it still has the 3G icon running also, which I assume just uses the battery faster...
    -What is the tiny icon bar in the upper-left top of my screen on the home page? It has a little red circle with a number on it (2 at the moment), and other symbols, usually multiple envelopes, right now it has 2 downward-pointing arrows and an envelope... Is there a way to remove this feature??
    -Are there any sites for good, useful, FREE apps?? I can't use my bank account for small charges for apps or ringtones, etc. because I deplete the account for bills, so charging anything like this would cause overdrafts. I use Myxer for ringtones, usually I make my own. I also don't like how LOUD the lowest volume setting is for my ringer! I have downloaded a couple of ringtones for specific contacts, how do I set each ringtone (from my SDcard) to a contact? Also how do I set a general ringtone to replace the pre-installed ones?
    -Numbers: I don't imagine there is any way to get my old number back? I had another Straight Talk cell, which ran out of card time just a day or two before I activated/bought this one, and I tried to follow the manual instructions to get my number, but that didn't work. I called ST 'tech support', which is a joke btw, I had to tell the Indian guy 5 times that I was trying to get my old ST cell number put on my new phone. Then he walked me through pretty much the same exact steps I already did, and he told me it would give me my old number back, and when I hung up and started up my phone, it just had a different new number. I also tried the option on the ST website for changing numbers, with no luck. The only reason I thought it might work is because I have had my old cell expire for days at a time, and when I put a new time card on, it would still have the same number...

    Ok, so if I think of anything else, should I just edit this post? I appreciate any help I can get, this phone has kept me awake for 3 nights until dawn trying to figure it out. Also, as an FYI, I know some of these questions have been answered elsewhere on this forum, but the answers did not apply or would not work or were not available for my phone.
    Thanks again guys! :)


  2. ndowens

    ndowens Member

    Jun 4, 2012
    I have rooted my phone as well using Androidarea51.com files and methods for the
    Proclaim. You have the benefits like anybody else that has root but currently no custom roms are available for this phone.

    Sent from my Rooted SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2 Beta-5
  3. septemberartis

    septemberartis New Member

    Jan 5, 2013
    hook ur phone up to ur computer, then right click on ur mp4 video and click copy, then paste it into the video folder under the drive letter of ur phone...

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