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General samsung rolls out unoffical VIBRANT Firmware update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by larryccf, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Nov 14, 2009

    Nov 14, 2009
    first report states it corrected the gps issue - i haven't downloaded (need to install Odin and the link i had saved for odin install instructions is down - apparently xda is down this morning)

    but for those interested

    UNofficial, T-Mobile Vibrant update! - T-Mobile Community

    PS: as an update to my post of this morning, i just posted the following on the Tmobile forum, and thought it might give some folks encouragement that the GPS issue is resolveable by firmware

    "well, thought i'd throw this report out there - got the rom flashed this morning tks to the help from epakrat75, mavsfan and i know someone else but old age & CRS prevents me from recalling - anyway, did a 9 mile drive, long circuitous route with a multitude of turns (somewhere in the 25-30 turns range), speeds from 30 - 60 MPH, and the only "glitch" in the MyTracks log was one corner was clipped as if i had driven across 10 foot of my neighbor's lawn,

    other than that one deviation, it was flawless.

    accuracy was so good, it actually showed me at one corner of my lot as i left, then when i got to the far corner, it had me located EXACTLY where i was - unheard of accuracy before this rom

    GPS, outside showed 11 to 12 sats in view, with 7 to 8 locked - i even got sats in view inside the house which i had NOT been able to do before, at all

    overall, i'm pretty happy, no, make that ecstatic over the way it tracked - i had gotten pretty cynical samsung could do it"


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