Oct 7, 2014
Hi ive had an extended battery fitted Anker 4400 and my leather case doesn't fit now.
Can someone please explain if there is a leather case that fits samsung S3 with the extended battery fitted.

Any help would be appreciated
Hi panicbuy, and welcome to Android Forums :)

As you've discovered, the added thickness is often the major drawback when you swap out the OEM battery for one of higher capacity. That can make finding a suitable case quite tricky. When I purchased high capacity batteries in the past I deliberately opted for a modest capacity increase with minimal additional thickness rather than the biggest battery I could for just that reason. Hindsight is always 20/20 though, isn't it?

To help out, you may wish to take a look at this thread over at XDA: [UPDATE YeSoo 4300]Ultimate Battery List wit… | Samsung Galaxy S III I9300, I9305 | XDA Forums

It discusses some of the popular extended batteries as well as some cases which should fit. :thumbup:

Hope that helps!

PS - I removed your other threads on the same subject since this one is posted in the correct place. Let me know if you have questions about that. :)