Help Samsung S3, ringtone and vibrate settings for multiple profiles


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I hope someone can help me. I have just got the Galaxy S3 after having a blackberry for many years.

I am trying to work out how (possibly if) I can set different ring profiles for different contacts or groups. Essentially, I want to put my phone on silent but still give important contacts the ability to call or vibrate through. This is really important to me as I am often on call from work through the nights, but if I didn't put my phone on silent I would be woken up by lots of unimportant messages and calls - I only want specified work contacts to ring or vibrate through to wake me up.

This was pretty easy to work out how to do on the blackberry, but I am not having much luck working out how on the s3. Please help!!


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Believe me, I've tried. I miss that amazing Blackberry functionality too - but there simply isn't one! The main profile just overrides any custom individual settings! If phone is on silent - they're all on silent!

You can successfully set up group and contact ringtones in the phone book, but I have yet to come across anything that overrides the main profile as it does on BB!