Help Samsung S3_Trying to backup Gallery but frozen screens & Kies not connecting


Mar 24, 2014
Samsung S3 has recently been updated with Jellybean 4.3
ok so chances are a factory reset is needed...But before that do the following.

1 go to the stock phone app when there go to phone settings choose import/export export to sd card...this will make a vcf file which is a backup of contacts.

2 just transfer your pics/videos to sdcard and/or to pc

3 if ya already dont have it set up but in the camera app you can have pics/videos saved to sdcard..which is what i do incase of phone malfunctions.
Thanks for the suggestion. However, per original post, I'm having difficulty saving images and videos to my SD Card or PC.

Any other thoughts?
Is your phone recognized by your computer? Not Kies, but your computer. If so, then you can just transfer your pics via windows explorer.

Also, you could try Helium, if you can access Play Store, to back up contacts and pics to your computer.
Unfortunately, you can't use Helium if the computer can't see the phone, although it uses the opposite USB protocol from Kies.
One other thought - did you try to connect to Kies via Kies Air? Might be able to connect that way, as opposed to hard wire.
Yes, I've tried to access Gallery and My Files both with and without the SD Card in the phone with no success.

I just attempted to connect to a variant of Kies Air called Wondershare MobileGo Android (because I can't find Kies Air on Google Play). The phone connected and was recognized, but MobileGo didn't load any files/photos. I figure it's because the WiFi on the phone keeps dropping out.

Will keep trying and welcome any other suggestions in the meantime.
Just selected wipe cache partition in recovery mode. Still nothing. I also followed the link you sent through and selected 'download app' and get URL doesn't exist.
Gosh I'm sorry - it looks like 4.3 did away with Kies air. I haven't tried to connect since I updated, so I just went to go do it so I could point you to it in settings, and it's gone.

Sorry to send you on a goose chase with that.
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Resolved. Ended up letting go of the photos and videos, they were not able to be recovered/saved. Phone was sent to Samsung and factory reset.