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Samsung S4 Sprint Update (L720VPUGOK3) Odin?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zacg, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. zacg

    zacg Lurker
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    Here's the deal. I have a sprint s4 that is rooted. When I tired to update to the new L720VPUGOK3 version it failed causing "system ui" to always force close. SO I reinstalled the previous version with odin. This caused the phone to go back to normal so it must have been a corrupt file causing the force close.

    Today I just got a prompt saying L720VPUGOK3 has been downloaded and ready to install. I noticed that this update is not posted for download anywhere online. I really want to update using odin since that is the only way it worked with the update it currently has 9L720VPUGOH1). For some reason when ever a OTA comes out they will not install nicely.

    Is there anyway to extract the downloaded update thats on my phone so that it can be flashed with odin? The file is saved on my device. I have not installed it yet.


  2. zacg

    zacg Lurker
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    This is all I have in cache

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  3. Gendo420

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    OTA will not work because you are not purely stock. OK3 just has minor bug fixes, not really worth updating to, it's still 5.0.1 would be easier to go into your build.prop and change all instances of OH1 to OK3 that will get rid of the update notification

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