Help Samsung S5 unrecognized contact problem


Hi all,

Not sure if anyone has had this issue before.

Sometimes when I get a sms or a call it will not show me the Caller name even though I have them added in my contacts.

Even an sms will come up with no name.

When I go into my contacts there are no contacts there at all, once I restart my phone everything is back again.


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Ate you using third party sms/dialler apps that are being "optimised" under lollipop? That could cause what you describe.


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On my S5 and my Note 4, I use exDialer and so far, over the last few years, it usually always shows me the Contact's name.

* ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts - One I use

My favorite feature on this dialer, is "search for contact names"

I enter 'jim' and it displays all of the contacts who have 'jim' in their names.
makes for fast name/contact retrieval.