Samsung S7 Edge #fail to open recovery_cause(No such file or directory) loop


Feb 22, 2022

My grandstander's Samsung S7 Edge was frozen on the Samsung S7 logo screen, and it didn't want normally turn on.

We launched it in Safe Mode, and now it is in a constant loop with an error message "#fail to open recovery_cause(No such file or directory)." Please, see the attachments below.


The phone is not as important to him as the photos accumulated on the phone's internal memory over the years. He didn't back them up into the cloud.

We tried using DroidKit and Fonedog apps to recover the information on the phone, but they didn't work.
We are afraid to use Odin because we are unsure if it removes photos on the memory.

How could we recover grandpa's photos from this phone? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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Looks like your phone's partitions have been corrupted. Your data is lost unfortunately. Stop wasting your money. Most data retrieval programs are scams. You might be able to get a working phone but the phone needs to have USB debugging enable. But no matter what I believe your data is lost. Only a professional might be able to retrieve it, just don't trust a program that you have to pay to work.
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Thank you for your response. We care more for photos on the phone than the phone, so we will wait and see if maybe someone has a suggestion on how to recover them. Thanks again for finding time to share your advice with us.