samsung s9+ not syncing with garmin venu after update


I use my samsung s9+ mobile phone with a garmin venusmart watch app, setup was easy until my phone had an update, since then I can't seem to track anything,

I have 3 options set up on the venu, walking, cardio and stair stepper, unfortunately nothing seems to link to the phone,

I have gone through the settings on the phone and the venu but still nothing, apparently they are not syncing,

has anybody any idea on suggestions to help, all help and advice appreciated


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Presumably this connects to Garmin's app on the phone via Bluetooth. So is the Bluetooth connection working? Remember that there's a stupid restriction in Android where Bluetooth LE only works if location is enabled, so if you've denied the Garmin app location access that could cause this.

Otherwise you could try clearing the cache of the Garmin app, reboot the phone, maybe tell it to forget the Venu then re-connect it (all just generic things to try, not recommendations based on experience of this problem as I don't have a Garmin device). Or describe what settings you have gone through, in case that gives anyone any clues.


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thank you Hadron, just changes the GPS settings to include Galileo, will check in the next couple of days to see if that has worked. I appreciate your advice