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Samsung software - Security and Exchange policy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by templetonryecy, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. templetonryecy

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    My company allows us to connect Android devices to our exchange email system, but many of the devices are not 'secure' enough thus they do not allow employees to use them.

    Most of the HTC phones (Incredible, Inredible 2, Thunderbolt) that go through my company's certification process pass the tests and are allowed to be used for exchange mail/contacts/calendar. However, not one single Samsung phones to date has passed the test. On one Motorola phone to date has passed the test, and that is the Droid Pro.

    You can see from the links here that Motorola outlines what security policies their phones software is capable of. These links show me that the Droid Pro has Password expiration and history policies, as well as features as device inactivity timeout.

    Most of Moto's phones do not meet our criteria for security. The Droid Pro does. Most of the HTC phones do meet our criteria, so obviously HTC does a great job with their Sense overlay that sits over Android to ensure their devices are compatible with the strictest of security policies.

    No Samsung phone has ever been approved by my company but I am curious if anyone knows if the updated OS coming with the Galaxy S II line will have an update with security capabilities? I would love a Samsung phone. But I can't get one until they have the policy capabilities that my company requires.

    Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated. If there is a site from Samsung similar to Moto's in regards to the software policy capabilities built into the phone, please share!

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. ccjbird

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    Is your company using ActiveSync for your exchange server? If so, have them check out Touchdown(App) to see if that passes their tests. Not sure why the hardware would not pass tests.....my company just moved to Good for Enterprise (much like Blackbery Exchange Server) but it is handset agnostic. It also works with iPhone(yuck I wrote iPhone in and android forum....) It works good enough to get emails, calendar sync etc...nothing to write home about but worth mentioning to your IT dept. One thing with Good though....Verizon must change your plan to the 2Gb $30 plan - which suck if you had the grandfathered unlimited plan.....

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