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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Bugdog, May 30, 2010.

  1. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Don't know if anyone has the time/ability to set up a website, but that domain name is available according to whois.net (Whois Lookup - Domain Names Search, Registration, & Availability | Whois.net), and apparently comcastmustdie.com was effective in getting Comcast to improve their service somewhat. Maybe starting a website would draw more attention (and negative PR) to Samsung's crappy business practices and help push them to change their ways. It could also draw people who have had bad experiences with other Samsung products. I'm willing to help out however I can, including financially, if anyone is interested in and capable of getting a site up.


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  2. sleepless

    sleepless Member

    What is actually wrong?

    I have used many Samsung products and they have been pretty good. Had a Tocco Ultra, not a great phone but I had no problems with it. Still got my 32" Samsung tv from 3 years ago and still works great. And am typing this with a Samsung Laptop R780 and is one of the best laptops I have used.

    What's up?
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  3. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Respectfully, I think if you peruse the Behold 2 forum where this post is located it should become clear quite quickly, without my having to give a blow-by-blow. To sum, though: a disastrously ill-conceived device, sold under false pretenses, and virtually without any follow up support of the kind that is commonplace (and thus reasonably to be expected) within the industry.
  4. sleepless

    sleepless Member

    Oh I see but because in your post, you stated 'it could also draw people who have had bad experiences with other Samsung products,' I was just giving my experiences with other Samsung products which includes the Tocco Ultra that I had.
  5. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    I have to disagree with you on one point...the bh2 was not ill conceived. If samsung actually cared to make a good product, the bh2 could have been awesome...brilliant screen, small size, plenty of ram (ok, it could use more, but for a midrange phone it's pretty good). Samsung had to stick their terrible ui on the phone, that was horribly implemented and riddled with errors. And they cheaped out a bit on the processor...100mhz more would really help, and more battery capacity.

    Everything else is right on, especially the lack of follow up.
  6. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Android Enthusiast

    The Behold 2 is a LEMON! I have had nothing but problems from day one. Whether or not it was ill conceived or ill executed, it sux. It is merely a pretty paper weight with options as far as I am concerned.
  7. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I largely agree with you - I guess it's pretty arbitrary whether "ill-conceived" is the right word to describe it, but point taken. If only they got the most important part (the OS/software) right, it would have been exactly what I wanted. I chose the words I did because I think Samsung went way overboard in trying to make Android into something proprietary (i.e., the cube button), and that this miscalculation lies so much at the root of what the device is that it obscured whatever they did well (i.e. hardware and camera app).
  8. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Cool story bro. I'm happy for you.
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  9. Joan Mitchell

    Joan Mitchell Lurker

    There's actually this website that I just found out: Samsung Sucks
    It seems it's been going on for almost three years, has close to 200 comments and samsung doesn't seem to care about it.
    I personnally have only had problems with my samsung products, and their customer service is the worst in the world.
    I think they intentionnaly make products that have a limited life-time (right before their warranty expiration date) and their customer service is not qualified, not based in the US, won't care about your claims.
    I've had the worst experience with them ever and can compare to at leats two companies: GE and Apple. Both of them will make reasonable efforst to listen to you and will exchange products at no cost in the case they are deffective. Samsung on the contrary will try to find every solution NOT to replace the deffective unit.
    Anyway, they've lost a customer with me forever.

  10. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Member

    I've never had anything close to a bad experience with samsung until now. and I even love my b2. I think it's awesome--but I do wish we had continued updates for Android. we all know it can take 2.1, perhaps 2.2...I'd love to see it there. I don't want to buy another phone, or another brand--this is the most well designed phone (physically) I've seen in a while. HTC is sweet but they don't have enough hard buttons, which I love.

    but...samsung did kinda flip us on this one. which sucks.
  11. lych

    lych Newbie

    Unrealistic expectations are most users' downfall. If you read the Behold II's end user license agreement, you will see that Samsung has every right to decide which upgrades the phone receives. No forced you to buy the phone after all. Even though smart phones are more like a computer today than their predecessors of yesterday, never forget that they are still considered appliances by their manufacturers.
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  12. Chrss

    Chrss Lurker

    this is starting to get pathetic...

    get over it already
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  13. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Android Expert

    the phone is what you make of it. sure it had 1.5 sure it slowly got 1.6. you know what though? i was happy with what it was and what it could do. People bitch and complain way too much. either you were hugged too much as a child, or not enough. thats my guess.
  14. disneynut

    disneynut Lurker

    Why do people expect more out of their phone than what it is built for.I have several friends who purchased this phone when i did. At first we had one or two problems with it but after doing a little research and learning about the phone, no problem after that. Most people who complain, don't take the time out to learn about the pro and cons on the phone. Yes, everything in life has problems(including people who complain) but most can be fixed if given time and a little effort. I love this little phone and it is perfect for most applications. Please read up and a just maybe you may be able to enjoy this phone. By the way, if you want to have a reason to complain, try Motorola. You could tip over a large file cabinet with their complaint department.
  15. Bruce.ex

    Bruce.ex Lurker

    Your shittin me right? Why cant a product come off the shelfs ready to enjoy without stripping it down, without rooting it, without putting custom roms on it, and get the support its supposed to with the updates everyone was told they would get. You may also be right thou, I may be expecting to much out of my purchases. Try that with a car, purchase one, drive it home in low gear because thats all they released it with until you work on it yourself to release other gears, or have to take it in for a 2nd or 3rd swap to get one you can manage to unlock new gears on. Would you purchase that brand again knowing others dont have to put up with the same semi-fatal flaws? Again thou, maybe my logic is flawed here.
  16. johnsonk

    johnsonk Lurker

    oh yeah ppl are gonna shut up about a phone thats suppose to do its job right. We paid the money for a good working phone and spose to enjoy it. Not have to put up with errors its so frustrating. I sold my blackberry for this garbage pos phone. My friend has the same behold and says its crap. It just takes forever for apps to load so many problems. Im done with samsung products.
  17. suXor

    suXor Well-Known Member

    LOL at this thread and the continued complaining over the BH2. The carrier generally pushes these updates on the OEM's, so maybe your frustration should be there.
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  18. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Android Enthusiast

    Same with the Galaxy Indulge and with little research I have found the same to be true with many of their other phones lately. Battery issues on the indulge were not adressed until we practically begged them for months as well as the usb drivers. Samsungs goal this year is to sell a crudload of phones not to support them.
  19. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    Given that Samsung is the #1 or #2 device manufacturer in the world, I don't think they're too worried about a couple of spoiled American kids setting up a website. To bitch about a phone they don't make any more.
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  20. timbuk2

    timbuk2 Well-Known Member

    Your kidding right? I just looked at a friends HTC and it has a lot of hard buttons, my Samsung Captivate has very few, and it has terrible reception compared to my old Razr... and the volume level sucks. Can't hear it ring.
  21. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    IMHO, physical buttons are not as good as capacative as far as lifespan. Physical buttons have a limit on how long the work, like say 10,000 pushes for a good one. Capacative buttons have no moving parts, so there is less chance of a failure. It's analagous to hard drives vs. flash memory.

    As far as reception, that seems to be the case with almost any smartphone. Nine times out of ten, a dumbphone will do better than a smartphone in reception & battery life. For the time being that seems to be the tradeoff.
  22. markushweber

    markushweber Lurker

    Every manufacturer has good and bad phones. I have never had a 'Dog' because I do a lot of research before I decide on a phone. It seems to me that most of the people that whinge about the crap phone they are now stuck with have done very little research or none at all.

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