Help samsung tab 3 crashing


I need advice please!!! I brought a samsung galaxy tab 3 last december,2013 from currys. Games and the actual tablet kept crashing and it also said that apps weren't responding, i took it back to currys a few months after buying it and it was sent to be repaired. 6 weeks later it came back repaired, and after about another 3 weeks the games kept crashing again, just not as often :-( . For the past couple of weeks it has got worse and worse, I have put it back to factory settings twice and now I just dont know what to do. The tablet is still under warranty , but currys wont replace or refund it , they will only send it back for repair. I just dont know what to do at all, if I take it back to currys it will just be sent off to samsung again and come back reset back to factory settings which I can do myself. Has any one else got this problem and has anyone got any advice on what I can do. Thankyou for reading :)


Root it. We are all experiencing the same problems with our gt-p5200's gt-p5210's and gt-p5220's. I have rooted mine fresh for the new year and am attempting to compile a list of root apps, instructions and safely removable bloatware and system files. Its all over the place but there are a lot of helpful sites out there.