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I've been struggling with the default network settings on a Samsung tablet device as i guess im trying that it not obvious. I am trying to use it with wifi and Ethernet at the same time. The static address is for use from an internal network where i will be using somethign like VNC to connect to it, the WiFi connecting is to be dynamic so it can connect to wireless networks for remote demonstration.

I don't(often can't) use the same connection for internet and the remote connection as the tested internet connections can be slow or intermittent and i need to be able to switch between access points. This is a pretty standard config on desktop OS's, but i'm starting to think it's not possible on android, so checking to see if anyone has worked around this before?

Wifi : DHCP
Ethernet: Static with no gateway i.e., GW: Blank DNS: Blank

Two issues im having so far, first is that when i connect ethernet it seems to disable wifi, and the second is that it wil not let me create and static address without adding a gateway

Galaxy Tab A7 (Android 11).


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Ok, I have bene able to enable it for ethernet and wifi (i had to put junk addresses in the DNS and Gateway), Now i just need to find a remote tool like VNC server.

And mission complete. With the junk details in the gateway for the ethernet, it uses wifi(DHCP) for internet. DroidVNC-NG as the VNC server on the tablet. I can reach the tablet from the LAN and test the internet network experience using the WiFi without utilizing it's bandwidth or relying on it actually working at that time.

sorry for clogging up your forum but i couldn't find the answer anywhere. It just needed more experimenting.
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