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Samsung / Tmobile Disatisfaction - Post Your Complaint

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kkarlin, May 29, 2010.

  1. kkarlin

    kkarlin Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I justed posted complaint to Tom Martino's web site - if we can get his focus on this we may make some headway - media visibility is our friend in this case.

    You can go here to lodge a comlaint with Tom Martino, a nationally syndicated Consumer Rights Advocate:

    Referral List : Report A Dispute

    I posted the following in the description of the problem:
    In November 2009 Samsung and Tmobile launched the Behold 2 Android based smart phone. At the time of the launch, the Behold 2 was using Android version 1.5, all of the Tmobile sales reps, numerous marketing materials and several webcasts declared that Samsung would be updating the OS of the Behold 2 to Android 2.x (which was released by Google several weeks prior to the Behold 2 product launch). Many people (including myself) bought the phone with the understanding that the OS would be updated to at least version 2.x. Last week Samsung announced that they would not be offering that update. I believe that Samsung acted in a self-serving and misleading fashion about their intentions. I wish to get either a refund of the my cost for the phone along with a buyout of the 2-year contract I had to enter to get the phone or a replacement device of my choice which utilizes the current android operating system (2.0, 2.1 or 2.2 - depending on device). A lengthy discussion of the user communities issues and complaints can be found here: Class Action Suit for 2.0. I am not alone in my frustration with this situation, your help is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Beaver6d9

    Beaver6d9 Newbie

    I am getting a free Mytouch Slide as a replacement for my BH2 as part of my warranty. Granted, this is part of a long saga of terrible phones from T-mobile, if only the 8900 I originally got didn't go into sos, I would probably still be using it.

    But seriously, the gripes with the BH2 are SO reasonable, there is little they can argue. THey will probably offer you something other than a mytouch slide but case in point: if yur BH2 is in warranty, you might have a pretty good shot at getting it replaced with something that sucks a whole lot less.

    I have piles of pro tips but here are the key ones - be cool with them on the phone, but don't back down. use FACTS

    FACT - Battery life as advertised does not perform even with 3g off, screen dimmed, synch off, gps wifi off, no widgets, etc etc.
    FACT - the phone is incapable of being typed on reasonably as stock
    FACT - the GPS works only about 50% of the time, but you pay for it to work ALL the time
    FACT - The phone was sold under the advertisement that it would get 2.x which has been canceled
    FACT (for me ta least) - 3g is up 60% of the time, i pay for 100% (i know i know but for the purpose of talking to CSR's, it has worked for me)
    FACT - you love T-mo and are with them because they take care of things like this and that you are loyal etc.
    FACT (for me at least) - when I signed my contact nearly 13 months ago, my overage was x, and then it went up to Y which is basically a materially adverse change to the contract and legally you should be let out but I'd save this bomb if the other less assholish and more reasonable facts don't sway them.

    and again, I have a long saga with T-mobile and have asked repeatedly to let me out of my contract since they basically are not be able to offer a comparable replacement to my Blackberry 8900, the BH2 was a major step down in a lot of areas but at least it didn't go SoS every 20 minutes in my area.

    I literally went to the court house, got a SMALL CLAIMS COURT package and called T-mobile to get the info to fill it out. All of a sudden they were ready to offer me a Mytouch Slide to keep me.

    Seriously though, Small Claims Court is an almost guaranteed win for a few reasons: It's cheap for you ($40 to file in my area, but 20$ in others) and takes little time. In some states, they can send a lawyer but most they can't so they will ALWAYS try and settle before the actual trial if you go all the way through it. Basically it's always cheaper for them to settle then pay to fly someone to your little town and run a big risk of losing the trial too. Google this for more info if you are looking into it.

    I dont' know about you guys, but I pay basically $75 for the cheapest minutes +data+400 txts and $2 for insurance. I've given them almost $1,000 and I'm a relatively new customer. I want a phone that doesn't suck anus and make me resent signing a contract.

    I say take your complaints to 611 so they know how we feel and that we demand satisfaction.

    Sorry to get all ranty, but the 20+ hours i've spent on the phone with them trying not to tell them how little they know about cell phones has left me a little bitter. I hope i'll feel better when I know my Mytouch Slide is en route.
  3. mindoculus

    mindoculus Newbie

    Yeah, GPS does suck.

    Touch WIZ is craptastic bloatware but that's not really germane to the nature of
    these complaints.

    No Android 2.+ ? WTF !! How does this qualify as responsible product development ?

    It seems SamSUCK just wants to forget about the Behold II and position themselves
    for future product releases. They are living by the marketing calendar and forgetting
    the suckers who already purchased their products.
  4. Beaver6d9

    Beaver6d9 Newbie

    Personally I think the bloatware issue is pertinent since it really affects th entirety of phone performance which is unusually bad. But you areright in that twiz has nothing to do with the lack of os updates.

    I work at a mall with two tmo corp kiosks and a store in the same mall. I have talked to the tmo dudes a few times about some ofthe issues I've had with my phones and one ofthem told me something that was pretty telling of the bhii.

    He said he took the battery and sim card out of their display bh ii because it is terrible and gets returned so much it was hurting them financially.

    I also told the csr the same thig on the phone.

    Pardon typing, wriing fromnporttait iPod
  5. cheenachatze

    cheenachatze Member

    You think MyTouch Slide will get better support? It comes with Android 2.1, but you think it will ever be updated? Remember it has that "custom" UI as per T-Mobile's request. Does that remind you of some phone we're all beholding with customized Android interface?
  6. Beaver6d9

    Beaver6d9 Newbie

    Firstly, I think the issue is not about support it's about usability for me. HTC did announce basically all of their phones will be getting 2.2 though (except like g1 or w/e), not to mention the community which will likely improve the phone even more.

    More importantly, EVEN with the sense UI, which has be easily removable in the last few phones that had it, is that it is still hands down better performing than a BH2.

    Check out the videos if you were curious. there is a decent preview vid on youtube.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Mytouch slide is actually an amazing phone. It's mid level compared to the 1 year old flagship phones of other carriers. But compared to the Bh2, it's really night and day. And more importantly, it suggests T-mo may be trying to suck a little less.

    Oh who am I kidding? They dug their own grave a while ago. They will need a lot more than a mytouch slide to stay in the game.
  7. cheenachatze

    cheenachatze Member

    I have full respect for HTC. They are one of the few that actually support their products, at least to some extent. And the Sense UI, which they developed, is great. But the MyTouch Slide, even though made by HTC, is a brand of T-Mobile, with that home screen that's defined by T-Mobile. So I'm wondering if that phone will ever be upgraded even to Froyo.
    If TMo offered Nexus One instead of BH2 that would be a different story..
  8. wcp0611

    wcp0611 Newbie

    You have been connected to ^Tina M.
    ^Tina M: Hi William , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m ^Tina and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    ^Tina M: Hello William, I would be more than happy to assist you with the issues you are having with your Behold. I do regret it is not benefiting you. I have the same device, and I love it.
    ^Tina M: Hello William@
    ^Tina M: Are you on the chat?
    William Pierce: I like it, but I only picked it, as opposed to a Nexus One bc of its pricing (free upgrade) and the fact that it was advertised to have 2.0 at least uploaded in the future.
    ^Tina M: Okay!
    William Pierce: It crashes a lot on me, but that's a different matter. I bought a phone that was obsolete before I even paid the first bill on it.
    ^Tina M: How has the device not been benefiting you?
    ^Tina M: Hello William, do I still have you?
    William Pierce: It has 1.5 when most phones are getting upgrades to 2.x and the apps that only run on 2.x. That's how it hasn't been benefiting.
    William Pierce: While 1.5 runs just fine on its own, the fact of it is that I signed up for a phone that I was told would have better support and a better OS in the future and now I'm stuck with this old phone and OS.
    ^Tina M: The update do automatically come to your device William. It may not have gotten to update your account yet.
    William Pierce: Samsung has announced that the upgrade isn't coming. I can send you an email to the their posting online if needed.
    William Pierce: The Behold 2 is only getting a 1.6 upgrade that that is the final one.
    William Pierce: In other words, they made an okay phone and have since stopped supporting it.
    ^Tina M: Oh okay, and you wanted the 2.0.
    William Pierce: Right
    William Pierce: I wanted this phone bc it was advertised as one day getting 2.0 and it has since been advertised (after purchase) to never get that.
    ^Tina M: The only thing we maybe able to do at this time is you turn it back in and get a different device, but you would have to be in your 14 day Buyer’s Remorse Period.
    ^Tina M: William, are you still with me?
    William Pierce: Yes, I'm here.
    ^Tina M: Keep in mind that if you use our automated IVR for FlexAccount balance can hear:, Current used FlexAccount balance, Remaining balance, Whenever minutes balance, and Date and amount of last payment.
    William Pierce: So the fact that I was sold a phone that isn't delivering anywhere near what I was told it would, and you are officially telling me that I wasn't mislead at all?
    William Pierce: That my best bet was (not is) to move to another phone and pay for it myself bc buyer's remorse ended? The official claim for no support from Samsung came a week ago.
    ^Tina M: I am not saying you where not mislead. I wish I could have been there to see and know what happened. But I do have to advise you of the policies of exchanging a device.
    William Pierce: Give me one moment
    ^Tina M: Okay! I may hold for two minutes.
    ^Tina M: Hello William.
    William Pierce: So T-Mobile can't do anything for me, such as ending my account early or moving me to another phone?
    William Pierce: After giving years of business to you all, you can't help correct the fact that your vendor passed a long a phone and your company sold me a phone that isn't what you or Samsung sold it to me as?
    ^Tina M: You can end your account, but we do have a Early Termination Fee.
    ^Tina M: Hello William, are you still there?
    William Pierce: So besides selling me a phone that isn't meeting the specs it was sold as, you want me to pay a termination fee? I understand that I have to live up to my side of the contract I signed with Tmobile, but shouldn't you all do the same? Haven't read the find print lately, but I'm sure it says something about the fact that your phone will live up to the advertised specs.
    William Pierce: Yes Tina M, I'm here. Please stop asking that. Not sure why your response to most of my questions right now are "Hello, William, are you there?" given that I've been taking the same amount of time to ask questions as precedented at the beginning of this conversation.
    ^Tina M: If you would like you can call in to the Customer Loyalty department for assistance. I have exulted all of my options.
    William Pierce: You have a customer loyalty deparment? Is that an actual department? What's the phone number to your dept and also there's?
    ^Tina M: You may call 1-800-8937-8997 and they will transfer you to the department needed.
    William Pierce: No extensions? Just dial that number and I'll get someone?
    ^Tina M: Yes, you will have to say the department that you would like also.
    ^Tina M: Are you there William, can I do anything else?
    William Pierce: Okay. So for both of our records, I"ve called in to you all asking for help given that Tmobile sold me a phone that isn't living up to the advertised specs when I bought it and, although you said it *could* be misleading, you can't do anything for me besides charge an early termination fee? Correct?
    William Pierce: Tina, are you there?
    ^Tina M: You may also speak with the Customer Loyalty department, they maybe of more assistance William.
    William Pierce: Okay, Tina. Have a good day.
    ^Tina M: You also William.
    ^Tina M: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, have a great day!
  9. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Android Expert

    Yes the Slide is getting 2.2, I already know a Dev. that has it on there phone.
  10. yahma

    yahma Member

    T-Mobile/HTC already stated that 2.2 (Froyo) will come to both the MyTouch 3g and MyTouch slide...
  11. areUmahDADA

    areUmahDADA Lurker

    if your talkin about what I think you are... Task Killer seems to solve this.
    Tho its rather annoying like WTF dont even remember opening that APP
  12. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    Samsung is deceiving their consumers by deleting negative reviews of their products on their website.

    Just got this e-mail:

    "Your recent review of Behold II (SGH-t939) couldn't be posted on samsung.com because it didn't meet one or more of the product review guidelines."

    All that my review said is "be warned this product is not eligible for android updates beyond 1.6".

    Clearly the only people able to post reviews are ass kissers.
  13. Beaver6d9

    Beaver6d9 Newbie

    I was actually referring to the TouchWiz Interface with the stupid cube thing, but I also do use a taskller (sparingly though because I'm plugged in a lot).
  14. I just sent an email with as much information about the situation as I could cull from the interwebs to my mom, whose old boss works for T-Mo in an upper-middle management position. I don't know how much pull he has in the company, but perhaps it'll help a little bit. I don't think it'll get us the update, but it might garner a bit more compassion from T-Mo. One can at least hope.

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