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Samsung transform ultra

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lish1121, May 5, 2012.

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    oh wow where to begin with this phone is crazy i have experinced numorous problems with it i have had 3 replacement phones. my phone would freeze up,drop calls or not even make calls it was so frusterating that i had enough and the people at my local sprint store couldn't figure it all it out they were patient and worked with me on all the problems although they couldn;t figure it out they kept ordering replacements for it and finally i had enough when the last problem it had really made mad to the point to where the phone was going to meet my truck tire.everything was gone in my phone my contacts pictures everything i was so mad so they decided to order a sister phone to mine thank god the problem is almost over this is the worst phone i have ever had good luck to all the samsung transform ultra users and must i mention that when it did that it erased my sd card and the phone was dead and i put it on changed and surprise so be careful be very careful back everything up i did and lost it all so make sure you make a list of contact that is in your phone so once again good luck

  2. 9to5cynic

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    Hey Lish,
    Sorry to hear you are here on such sour circumstances, but I would bet that some of the folks over at the Transformer Ultra forum will be able to help you out.
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