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Samsung Warranty Issue

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ByeIOS, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Nov 5, 2016

    Nov 5, 2016
    I did have a search to see if this issue had come up before but couldn't pin anything down specifically so here goes...

    My S7 was purchased with the usual warranty in October 2016. It developed a fault in that the ear phone plug would not go into the phone. It was sent to Samsung and I got an email back saying that they had found physical damage to the phone. It was a small hairline crack in the screen, about 4-5mm long. I had not noticed it before but they sent me a picture. I didn't remember dropping it (and it's in a protective Snugg, leather case); Samsung denied that their repair team had dropped it and the courier packaging was reported as undamaged. Basically, nobody was going to admit to the damage! No surprise there.

    However, Samsung required me to pay £215 to repair the screen before they would approach the warranty claim issue. To be fair and balanced, I can see that if they received a phone that looked like it had been run over by a steam roller or one that was dripping water, then they could say that the physical damage may have contributed to a fault. But a tiny hairline crack ...I don't think so!

    I chose not to pay and my phone was returned (but mysteriously, the ear phone fault had been repaired!). Unfortunately, the phone has now developed another fault in that it won't connect to my home wi-fi (I have posted on this issue to the forum). First time round Samsung took me through a factory reset and the fault appeared to go but unfortunately, only to reappear a few days ago. Contact with Samsung resulted in them asking to see the phone. I pointed out the outstanding issue of the screen crack and they confirmed that this, in effect, suspended the warranty until I paid for the screen repair. Whilst there is a slim chance that a minor knock might have dislodged the earphone connection (no liability accepted by me!), to claim that a later issue with connectivity could be linked to a misadventure weeks ago is stretching credibility. I still have my potentially faulty phone.

    Has anyone experienced this warranty issue? Maybe, you were able to resolve it with Samsung or took independent advice? Please, will you let me know your views on the fairness of this or its enforceability in law?


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