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samung epic 4g 2?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PC Jona, May 15, 2011.

  1. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    anyone heard anything about one?

    anyone have a wish list? lol

    id love to have an upgraded epic man.

    seeing the new htc sensations specs, if it had a physical keyboard, i would jump ship immediately.


    1.2 dual core

    qhd display! its 540x960 and the s-amoled plus is still 400x800? idk just a nicer screen...not that the one we have is bad or anything

    i like the 4inch display, maybe they would give it a 4.3? i wouldnt mind.

    better keyboard hinge and quality. mine is rubbing when it slides back in and thats causing the paint on the keys to fade and scratch. and that sucks.

    better cameras, 8mp for 1080p and a 1.3 or 2on the front?

    hdmi out

    2.3 i guess

    more battery life?

    some internal memory, like 8gbs atleast

    if its 4g i hope they switch to LTE by that time. theres wimax in like 1% of the US and that sucks lol.

    better build quality overall. my phone feels so cheap when i hold my friends driod 2.

    anything else?

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  2. i want mine to double as a light saber.
  3. Gavisann

    Gavisann Android Enthusiast

    +1 to that
  4. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    The Epic is based on the Galaxy S. The Epic 2 would be based on the Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S2 looks to be very bad ass. I very much drool over the Galaxy S2.
  5. joeboy9132

    joeboy9132 Newbie

    I do think a dock would be nice, would just replace my desk top PC...Hell I want it all.... :)-)
  6. budney

    budney Newbie

  7. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  8. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    hardly stupid. Makes it much easier to design and sell accessories. And if there is greater volume then mfgs are more likely to make an accessory for the product.

    You'd still have the Sprint keyboard variant (hopefully) and T-mobile isn't mentioned unless that's just due to refraining until they see how the merger shakes out.
  9. boomerbubba

    boomerbubba Android Enthusiast

    Obviously the same gel case would not fit a keyboard variant. So for such a variant to exist (if this speculation is true) Sprint would have to offer two variants of the Galaxy S II -- the "Within" with no keyboard and some other unnamed model with a keyboard. I have noticed that among Epic users, about half say they ended up not using the QWERTY much anyway. Maybe Sprint has decided it's not worth the hassle of supporting such fragmentation to cater to the preferences of the other half who find the keyboard indispensible.
  10. pablo.station

    pablo.station Well-Known Member

    I hope the SGS II variant comes to Sprint with NO Keyboard. At first I wanted the keyboard but I think ive used it like 3 times total since I got my epic last August.

    Here's to Sprint getting a slim, sexy SGS II variant.
  11. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    I actually prefer a keyboard, and the Epic is a unique phone with no competition in the 4" plus range. They need a premium keyboard option. I'd actually entertain leaving Sprint if someone else came up with a 4+" slider and Sprint dropped it.

    And having owned the Epic from the get go and being in a few Epic forums, it's less than half that want it sans keyboard. If you want a premium phone without a keyboard, you have an option with the Evo3d, Nexus S and so forth. If you want a premium phone with a keyboard, the Epic variant is the only option. Shift doesn't count since it's not a 4" screen.

    And the Epic isn't that bulky of a phone for a 4" slider. I would imagine the S2 replacement would be thinner than the Epic.
  12. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    umm...obviously. and you're taking that gel cover as gospel. Still too early to tell much of anything. I'll wait for some leaks of pics, real specs or something before confirming anything.
  13. boomerbubba

    boomerbubba Android Enthusiast

    No, I'm not taking that as gospel. In fact, I expressly qualified my comment with the parenthetical: "(if this speculation is true)."

    If this speculation -- based on the skimpy report from the aftermarket vendor of the gel case -- is true, then at least there is some evidence that Sprint will offer a variant of the Galaxy S II with no keyboard. (Maybe they should call it the "Without" instead of "Within.") I am just suggesting that very likely they would not offer two models. They don't today. Supporting the unique QWERTY variant has a cost, and perhaps that cost is not worth it to the carrier.
  14. badankles

    badankles Android Expert

    the epic actually has more than just the keyboard difference than its sister galaxy s versions. sprint added camera flash and front facing camera, too.

    but i agree with keeping it similar to help with support and upgrades, although i do like the keyboard option, but can live without it weighing pros and cons.
  15. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    I wouldn't upgrade if it didn't have a keyboard. I do too much in Docs To Go and lengthy emails that onscreen keyboards are just unacceptable from a typing aspect as well as a loss of screen real estate. I don't know how anyone finds the latter acceptable, but that's just me. And with business plans being competitive on other carrriers, I could easily justify moving a $60k account to another carrier for better phone selections. Would make the few iphone users happy as well. Also doesn't help Sprint has seriously dropped the ball on customer service for our account, but that's another story entirely.
  16. BubZX

    BubZX Well-Known Member

    im with u on this one. a keyboard is a must for me.
  17. Poweranimals

    Poweranimals Android Enthusiast

    Agreed. A keyboard is a dealbreaker for me. I was considering dropping the keyboard for the Nexus but I'm glad I went with the Epic instead. The onscreen keyboard doesn't really cut it for me. I press the wrong key half the time.
  18. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    yea if theres no keyboard on this "within" then ill be switching to verizon for the droid 3.

    simple as that.
  19. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    well those are some pretty good pro-keyboard replies. I actually shifted quite a few to the Shift during all the Epic Froyo crap unfortunately. I had a hard time recommending the Epic to the technologically declined coworkers, and most of them within two months were asking if they could have the Epic instead. The larger more vibrant screen (accuracy aside) and five row keyboard with arrow keys pretty much drove them away from the Shift. It would be a shame to see Sprint do away with the one truly unique (as in a worthwhile feature the masses will use. 3D is a bunch of crap) phone nobody else offers. I got into an argument with some Europeans who wanted to carry around 7" slate phones because they couldn't see how useful a 4+" slider would be because they don't have that option. It's a big difference over 3.6" screens and the main reason my Nook Color collects dust, and I have the Transformer now. A 4.3" SAMOLED+ slider would be sweet especially with HDMI out. Heck, I wouldn't even need my Transformer some of the time. Pop a micro/mini HDMI cable in the bag, and I could do presentations with ease.
  20. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    yea if it came with a 4.3 screen and keyboard i would probably stop using my xoom which i barely even use now lol

    we can only hope that they give us a real successor to the epic and not just the same phone that the other carriers get.

    even right now theres no phone like the epic with. not one has a 5 row keyboard, a 4 inch screen and a front facing camera. (there might be a wm7 phone with it but i want andriod)

    its so stupid that no one has even tried to make something similar.

    maybe they should make an EVO 3D Pro with a keyboard lol. that would be sick haha

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