Jul 7, 2017
I know this subject has been asked many times and referral to the guides seems to fix most things.

However my situation is this.

I acquired a "dead" tab from a colleague.... battery won't charge after trying all the available tricks on Google.

I took it home tried them all myself (other than the mega long trickle charge).

Resigned myself to the fact it was a defunct battery. So off to Google and a new one swiftly arrived. Painstakingly removed old and inserted new battery.....TA DA......nothing .

When plugging in original charger and cable (colleague who donated has tried other chargers and cables in the past to try to resolve with no joy) with old battery gave a quick battery view then black.

Now I get the quick flash of battery with one gold bar then blank screen. I do however get a regular screen flicker of the circular icon......approx. every 7-8 seconds

Does this flicker mean its attempting to charge ? (wishful thinking again).

Will the trickle charge option eventually resolve this? Is it just that the battery has little to no life (albeit NEW).

Am I chasing a lost cause or is there life out there for my daughter to one day have a working bit of kit.

Have even tried the "remove LCD cable and trying to charge"...... this is happening now.....
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