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[Sand ROoMPlx][UNuFFishAL] ResurrectionRemix Pie (9.0) For Moto X4 "payton"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Jun 24, 2019.

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    As usual you are responsible for what you do to your phone, I am not responsible if something breaks because of this!

    Well here it is folks, ResurrectionRemix for the Moto X4. I'm working on bringing other ROMs to this phone as well but they're having some issues. For now this is the latest thing I was successfully able to build & boot, so enjoy!

    • Should be same as Lineage 16.0 because it uses those trees

    • Again, same as Lineage 16.0 since it shares those trees
    • For some reason it doesn't start with a navigation bar, you have to go to the Navigation menu in RR settings to enable it


    Right here partner


    It's the standard pie branch of ResurrectionRemix from their github page. You can use my local manifest RIGHT HERE which is a modified Lineage one, optimized for RR building

    • LineageOS for the base of the trees I used
    • ResurrectionRemix for their wicked radical ROMs
    • The X4 telegram group for their help building and testing my stuff... specifically XDA users SyberHexen, erfanoabdi and @bcrichster

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    • Apashe
    • CYE
    • Coyote Kisses
    • DISTO
    • Hopsin
    • Johnny O
    • Manuel
    • MarioInATopHat
    • Mr. Mister
    • Paul Engemann
    • Peter Gabriel
    • Run DMC
    • Slayer
    • Stevie Wonder
    • Toby Keith
    • Wilson Philips
    • 7-17-19: July security update, minor upstreams with lineage Payton trees, custom ringtones I threw in there
    • 6-25-19: initial build
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    New build going up now as we speak. Will upstream some RR changes and X4 tree changes (nothing major, just some patches and bringups). I removed the stock AudioFX app from this build too because it would interfere with audio mods like Viper. I also found a folder on my Google Drive containing a bunch of ringtone "edits" I did where I cut down some songs I liked and basically made them into ringtone material. I managed to sneak those in this build as well so keep your eyes open for those too when it finishes uploading
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    Probably me, Lol.
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    bcrichster ROMinator

    I isually used post #2 as Changelog, no worries
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    Just want to say in advance, I'll try to put out one more build for you guys but I think I'm gonna quit development for the X4 here to make room for something new on my build server here. I gave my X4 to my mother because her G4 was having data connectivity issues with Verizon, so now I inherited that from the trade and am taking that on as a new project (plus I don't want her to have issues because she's not very tech savvy). Considering my old G4 Play was one of my top favorite devices of all time, to have something related to it feels like I'm returning home to where I belong--the home of s****y budget phones. Don't get me wrong, that X4 was awesome while I had it. But to be fair, for someone like myself that is used to trash, all that luxury was probably being wasted on me anyway.

    I wish all of you guys still in the community the best of luck. You guys have an awesome device that I'm POSITIVE you will take to the moon and back. With all the ROM and kernel rebasing that's going on behind the scenes right now, you guys are gonna have a solid phone for years to come. Screw OnePlus, the X4 is the TRUE flagship killer!
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