Sandisk 32 gb micro sd class 2 card

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Apr 19, 2010
The "Bay Area", Cali
Bought this card and got another one thats a class 10. My class 2 worked perfectly in my Evo but since my son gave me the new card 32 gb card as an I LOVE YOU present...I gotta use that one right??
Asking $45.00 with free regular shipping.

Sorry I dont know what you want...Please tell me what software I will need to do it.

If you are concerned it is not an original I will state that it was purchased from Verizon.

What's your Paypal Addy? I'll send the money and info to you.

Sweet, definettely good, now all I need to see is a screenshot of

Menu > Settings > SD & Phone Storage

This screen should show Total Space

but I believe you if you don't want to go through the additional trobule. PayPal will give me my money back if your lying lol.
Total Space 29.71 ...I am new here but im a seller on ebay (msrndll) scams from me. The card will not ship until Saturday because I work long hours....

paypal msrandall at gmail. com
Update ....I decided to take a needed pay today before 2pm I will ship today because I took a mental health day off to go to the beach.
Well, I misread what it's saying. It's claiming my Payment issuer is denying payment... I'm looking into this because they have both a valid checking acct and credit cards. I'll pay before 2pm
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