Root Sapphire 1.0 - hung on first reboot

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Any ideas guys?

Installed thru ROM manager, looks like it went thru backed up and installed ok, but now I am hung up on the screen that shows the Sapphire instead of the Droid eye . . . .


Yeah same thing happened to me. It was the stock LV 125-1000 kernel that did it to me. My phone doesn't like low voltage kernels so I had to install a standard volt kernel after flashing the rom and gapps and it booted up fine for me.


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Start by turning your phone off. Then boot to Recovery (turn the phone on by holding X and Power) Then you want to plug your phone into a USB chord attached to your internet enabled computer.

Now navigate on your phone (volume moves up or down, power is back, Camera is select) to the "partitions menu" then all the way at the bottom "mount USB storage". Once you select that the usb drive will show up on your computer like it normally does.

Now head here and grab yourself a Standard Voltage Kernel of reasonable clock speed, save it to your phone.

now, on your phone navigate back to the main menu (power) and select "install zip from sdcard" ->"choose zip from sdcard"->select the Kernel you just downloaded and wait for it to flash and then reboot.

see if that fixes it

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No good did figure out how to get back to original. Then tried one of the chevy ones with equally poor results. More research needed I guess.