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Sat Nav address from SMS

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by dmcclymont, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. dmcclymont

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    Is there any sat nav application thatwould automatically load the address from a SMS message. I am a community medical first responder and waste time and effort getting the address SMS on one phone, then loading it into the Sat Nav on another, eating into the time available to get dressed etc and get going in the car!!!

    Any thoughts, rough format of the callout TXT is:

    INC>G__________ LOC>Address is a text string, e.g. 154 The High Street, My town, POSTCODE

    _________ is a 10 digit reference. Basically I want to wipe everything to the right of LOC> into either Google maps, or CoPilot etc?

    Any thoughts, any applications out there for community responding?

    Thank for any advice.



  2. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Is what you posted above the entire string of information, and you want something to parse the address out of it? Your best bet might be to email a developer from any number of the sms apps available on android to see if they can write it to have only the relevant info show up in hyperlink format so you can click on it as soon as it arrives
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  3. Maybe the free Glympse app is a solution for you, Duncan. You hit a few buttons and it 1) starts your GPS tracking you*, and 2) sends an SMS or email with a hotlink to any smartphones and/or email addresses that you specify (from your Contacts List) so that they can follow, no see exactly where you're at and where you're going on a dynamic live map in any webbrowser.

    Marketplace Pick: Glympse - YouTube

    If you know the physical address you're going to in advance you can tag a message along with that hotlink which, on an Android 2.2 or later afaik, can be dictated when you tap the little mic icon. Less fumbling and thumbtyping.

    *for a preset time period. Max 4 hours, but easily extendable by tapping.

    If you apply Tasker you can work all that into a one-button widget.
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  4. dmcclymont

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    Thanks, but would this then automatically launch an application for Sat Nav such as google maps ? Cheers.

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