Help Save a sad phone after Lollipop update.


So I recently updated to Lollipop and it basically ruined my phone... My phone right now freezes a lot after the update, plus, everytime when I reset the phone the icons got messed up, and it's slower and the battery drains faster. I really regret updating to Lollipop. I really don't want to reset and downgrade and lose all of my data plus it's a really long process.
Is there any way to fix my phone? Do I have to root it? What should I do to fix my phone guys?


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It would be helpful to know what phone you have.

My advice to you is that you should always perform an FDR (Factory Data Reset) after every major software upgrade. It will clear up the little bugs that pop up and should take care of the lag and other issues.


Android Expert
And factory reseting doesn't downgrade your OS. Once you update you are stuck with the new version unless you root your device.


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If you aren't wanting to factory reset, you could try just wiping the cache partition instead. This can help resolve problems after an upgrade but if it doesn't fix your issues then I'd probably go for the factory reset.

Without knowing which device you have, I can't tell you how to get to recovery mode on your device, but it's usually a simple button combo from a powered off device.