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Oct 31, 2009
when i create or save a new contact it gives me the option to save to sim or phone. if i save to the phone how do i then add the contact to my sim as a backup and vice versa?
Not sure what this question is doing on a HTC Hero forum, but what the hell.

Open a contact (just view, not for editing), press MENU button, then "More" and you should see "Save to SIM" option.
I just have all my contacts as Google contacts. They are automatically backed up to your Gmail account. Was very handy when I had to have my phone replaced.

This is what I do too. I'm quite a late adopter to the whole gmail thing, but it really is excellent.

When I moved phones I struggled to get my contacts from one to the other, so ended up adding them to gmail.

Switched on my Hero and it magically sync'd all my contacts - I was just in awe of this magic :D