Save2Email: Export SMS,MMS, Contact etc to Email


Introducing one more app: (Not for droid, expect Droid version in 2-3 days)

Save2Email: Select and export your data as zip file (individual export files added to single zip file). Attach and send zip file to your GMail for Archival purpose.

  1. Contacts (CVF and CSV)
  2. SMS Messages
  3. MMS Messages & Attachments
  4. Call Logs
  5. Browser bookmarks
  6. Phone settings

  • Export Contacts, Call logs, SMS, MMS messages, MMS attachments, phone settings as Zip files.
  • Send and save exported files to your Email using your own GMail.
  • Archive periodically and clean up Call, SMS, MMS - Save those important moments.
  • WiFi Recommended to email zip files.
Please let me know if you have any question. I love this forum and got few ideas from here.

- Ravi

Carl C

Extreme Android User
Thanks for sharing your app with the AF community


Anyone know of an app that can to the same thing save2email does for sms messages for yahoo messenger mobile conversation/chat?

Looking for a way to archive/export my ym mobile conversation on my phone.

Yahoo is no help.