Jul 5, 2013
I've had this problem for a month now, at first i tried to ignore it but it just makes it more complicated when i needed my phone the most and i only got 3G so it just makes things a lot slower for my phone.
I can NOT connect to my own wifi, every time i tried to it just say "Saved, Secured." i know the problem has to be coming from my router cause i have not messed with my phone when it comes to connectivity nore have i downloaded apps that might have something to do with it.
I searched this problem up but i have not found anything that could solve the problem or at least couldn't understand it enough for it can help me.
I have a Belkin router, recently i had to restart it to Factory settings cause i have had other problems with some wireless connectivity with some devices so that lets you know the problem. I did restore some things in my router that i had before but i think there's still some things that changed that i needed but i'm not sure.
Need any more information let me know, i just want this fixed cause i can connect to other wifi's but mine, nore can my mother connect to my wifi.
Dumb question, but did you change the WiFi password and if so, did you change the password on your phone?
Btw, there's no stupid questions here, ask away. Hell, who knows you could be helping me with the obvious haha.