Help Saved pics from text


I don't know where my pictures go when I save them from text messages. Pictures i save from FB go right into my gallery. When i try to save a pic from text, it has a download button abd when you click it it says, "Picture saved to Messages stored media." Where is that??? I have a LG V40 thinq.


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"Gallery" isn't a place, it's an app, so when you say messages to into the Gallery what this means is that they go into a directory that your Gallery app knows to look for images in.

Unfortunately where exactly an SMS/MMS app saves to depends on which app it is. Assuming that this is Google's "Messages" app you are using then on my device that app saves to Pictures/Messages in my internal storage (I just switched to that app and saved an image to test). So that's where I'd start looking, but if not it might be a case of using a file explorer and looking for a likely folder.

For what it's worth, my preferred gallery app (F-Stop) found this folder immediately. It might be that your Gallery app has a setting you can use to tell it to rescan the device or look in other folders from where it is currently looking - I've no experience of LG apps so am guessing here.