Help Saves Apps when you get new phone?


So my droid has a couple dead pixels and i was wondering if all my payed for apps will stay paged for after I get my replacement phone.



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Devz is correct. However, not all of them will necessarily automatically re-download to your new phone when you tie it to your Google account. If you want to make sure that every one of your applications are restored, I recommend using the AppBrain app. It's available free on the Market. You can also visit and edit application lists for free.

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the technician told me to get Astro file manager. this app will backup all your apps to the SD card so you can just plug and play when you get the new phone.

He said all call logs, messages, and pics would have to backed up manually (whatever that means).


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It means that you have to transfer the information to your computer, "manually." You would have to tell the application to copy them to your SD card, then open the contents of the card on your computer. Or, you can use the other option to connect directly to an SFTP server or something similar. It's just a very nice mobile file manager, but that's all that it is afaik, a file manager.

AppBrain specifically backs up your applications to their servers and re-downloads them to your device when you install their app on your new device.