Help saving contacts to sim card


hello, I am new to forum and hope you can help
I have galaxy s and have been trying to get contacts saved to sim card with no success. Only reason doing this is my car has integrated telephone system that uses sim card however currently no contacts on sim card. I could always go bluetooth but it would be convenient to use sim

Gavin S
I got a question about contacts. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S few days ago and I noticed that if I copy contacts to my sim card, I can't assign ringtones to my contacts unless I remove my contacts from the sim card. Also there seems to be a double entry in contacts, one that are on the sim and the ones on my phone. How can i avoid double entry contacts and yet still be able to have ringtones assigned to contacts?


There seems to be loads of problems with the Galaxy S's handling of contacts. I keep getting duplicate copies of my contacts and I don't know why. I delete them and then a while later they are back again.