saving email to quick text


I was wondering how I can save my email address so that when I text it auto populates


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I added mine to my quick text. I don't have my phone on me now, but it's in the settings menu. It's under your user dictionary.

Another option is to save everything before the '@' and after the '@'. Here's what I mean... If you're email address is, when you type 'thisismylongemailaddress' it should have it listed just below that where your autocomplete would be. Long-touch it, and it'll save it as a customized word in your user dictionary. The problem is that it won't let you store the '' portion because as soon as you type '@' it removes it from where the auto-complete would be. However, you can save just the portion without the @.

I recommend looking through the settings menu and finding your user-dictionary and adding the whole thing in there.

Hope I didn't confuse you...