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Saving money using Droid outside USA

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by docdiane, Sep 18, 2011.

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    It's my FIRST day as a registered member of this Forum, and I was enjoying reading a long thread about the topic above when I was timed out. As a newbie, I do not know if it was listed under support or applications, but I had not finished reading it all and had a couple of questions to ask when it appears I was "timed out." I have spent a very long time searching for it now, to no avail. If someone could direct me to it, that would be very helpful. However, it appears that one does not need a global droid, and can talk and text with Google Voice & Skype using hot spots and keeping the phone in airplane mode.
    Very nice being here!


  2. Correct, you don't need a 'global Droid', whatever that may be. Any modern Android phone will do outside the US.

    Google Voice, though, is not available outside the US, so I'm betting it doesn't work there either.

    Skype, Viber, Mobyler, Tango, ooVoo, etc. etc. will work when you have a WiFi connection, but not always! Some Telcos/ISPs in some countries throttle VoIP use because they don't make any money on it. Thereby forcing you to use their expensive mobile phone systems.
    But email and chatting are still free (over WiFi).

    Airplane Mode cuts off all transmissions to and from your phone. I.o.w. mobile phone signals and WiFi signals!

    If you're going on a long trip you might care for the free Glympse app to for instance let the folks back home watch your (lack of) progress in the back of a taxi through the Parisian gridlock, or doing 250 miles an hour in a high-speed train across Europe :)
    At the same time you could be mailing them or chatting with them, or shooting pictures and video with your phone illustrating what they see on the map.
    And if you're on a WiFi connection you can stream live video to the folks back home with the free IP Webcam app so they can see, live, what your camera, ermmm... phone sees!
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    Hi Chuck,
    Thanks for this information. Some of it is completely new. I would still like to find the other sight where the woman was answering about 4 pages of peoples questions, addressing phone settings, and a few pieces of additional equipment. I tried every search I could think of and I got no results, and search terms like "out" or "with" were disallowed. Is there a trick to this search engine?

    I tried to go to help, but finding my request was NONurgent, they lowered their price to $22 to help me. I really felt blackmailed. I wish I remembered how I stumled on it in the first place.

    Thanks for the info,

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