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Saving photos to SD card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by upsavr, May 19, 2010.

  1. upsavr

    upsavr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have the camera set to save on the SD Card. However, when I take pictures it still stores it on the device memory. Why is that?

    Is this a known error?


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  2. upsavr

    upsavr Newbie
    Thread Starter

  3. Cinsue

    Cinsue Newbie

    I'm having the same problem. Also looking for a solution.
  4. jtgiron

    jtgiron Newbie

    How do you set up the camera to save to the SD Card rather than the phone's storage?
  5. Cinsue

    Cinsue Newbie

    When you open the camera to take a pic, there should be an arrow on the left side of the phone (top of the phone if you were holding it to talk). Tap the arrow, then go to settings. Under storage you have the option of phone storage or storage card.

    Mine is set for storage card, but not showing up on my storage card. It's a mystery.

    I've emailed HTC, but haven't heard anything yet.
  6. upsavr

    upsavr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It would be great to find out what they write back.
    Thanks for taking action.
  7. Cinsue

    Cinsue Newbie

    This is their response. I replied that after a factory reset, my default was phone storage and gave them my numbers and contact times, but haven't heard anything yet.

    "Hi, thank you for your reply, and I will be glad to assist you today. If this issue coincided with the installation of a third party application, please remove the application and evaluate the result. If removal of the application appears to resolve the issue, the application is likely the cause and you should contact the application provider for further assistance. The default location for saving your photos is the storage card. With the camera on, please open the menu panel and make sure that "Phone storage" is not selected in the settings. Soft reset your phone and evaluate the result. If your phone's issue persists, we recommend you restore it to its factory default settings by performing a factory data reset. This action will permanently erase all installed programs and data files on your phone; you will therefore want to first back up all files to your storage card or to a third party application from the Android Market. To perform a factory data reset, please press Home > MENU and then tap "Settings." Scroll down the screen and then tap Privacy > Factory data reset. On the "Factory data reset" screen, tap "Reset phone" and then tap "Erase everything." Due to the complex nature of your questions I believe we could provide the information you need faster and more efficiently via telephone. If you would like a provide a phone number where you can be reached and a time that is convenient for you I would be happy to call you directly to further discuss this issue. Our business hours are 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM Eastern Time seven days per week. You may also call our Technical Support department at 1-866-449-8358. Of course if you would rather continue via email I am more than happy to provide whatever assistance I can. Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions. "
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  8. upsavr

    upsavr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else had the same problem of saving photos to the SD Card?

    I don't think that "fix" will work.
  9. upsavr

    upsavr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I have found that the media is saving to the SD card because when I take the card out the media is gone. However, there must be an error on the file system side.

  10. njnoodles

    njnoodles Lurker

    When you look for the Picture on your SD Card, if you are you looking in the My Pix Folder and its not there check the DCIM folder by double clicking then double click the 100MEDIA file, your picture is probably in there.
  11. baul0010

    baul0010 Lurker

    I uninstalled BUMP from my phone and I was able to choose between SD Card and Phone storage again!
  12. matt96ex

    matt96ex Lurker

    Same thing happened to me. But how can I save the pics already stored on the phone to the SD card, or at least get them on a computer to transfer to a SD card?
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  13. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    have you tried moving them from one drive to another by connecting usb to pc?

    Or maybe move them using Astro File manager app?
  14. stephm

    stephm Lurker

    Well, I had to get a new Incredible. Because the one I had was apparently a lemon.
    I thought I had all my pictures and videos stored on the SD card. However, AFTER I got the new phone and turned in the old one...is when I realized I was mising like 300+ photos and ALL my videos.
    So sad. :(
  15. taylor6400

    taylor6400 Member

    Same issue...I cant save pics to SD card and I have the camera settings set to do so...annoying.
  16. ilyedward

    ilyedward Lurker

    Does this save previously taken pictures to it?
  17. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

    No, only new ones, but you can easily move them to the sd card, mount the drives on your pc, cut and paste.
  18. Hi, I'm new here and I just wanna try to help you guys with this problem about saving your camera photo to your SD card. First, I'm not sure if this is for all phones but I have a HTC Touch pro 2 and I had the same problem, but what I did was I went to my Folder explorer, clicked on my pictures, then clicked on menu, go to edit, select all and cut, then go to your storage card and paste your photos onto your sd card memory and you should have transfer all of your photos from your device memory to your sd card. Hope this help. If not then I'm sorry, but it worked for me. I know this is really confusing and I wish I could explain it better but it's hard to explain you just gotta do a lot of searching.
  19. mikado

    mikado Lurker

    The HTC Incredible is not able to save pictures to the SD card. It is one of the only androids that is like this. You will have to tether the device to the computer and transfer the media to your computer to save them there. I hope this helps.
  20. jaf01

    jaf01 Lurker

    I changed the settings as it says above and my incredible now saves it the SD card so yes, the incredible can save to the sd card. i then moved all the old pictures to the location on the SD card through windows explorer on the computer.
  21. Ladybug07134

    Ladybug07134 Lurker

    I have the same problem. I did switch to card storage. My question(s): Will it stay on card storage until I switch it back? How do I switch the photos that I do have on my phone over from phone storage to card storage? When I put my sd card into my laptop to transfer photos to computer, it says not compatible. Am I doing it right, just putting the SD card into my laptop or should I use the USB cord from phone to computer? Thanks.

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