saving to sd card.


Abdullah Barakat

i have a galaxy S4, and i have an 8GB SD card. for some reason it always saves photos and anything i download the phone in the phone memory. it keeps getting full and i have to delete to make space, how can i make it automatically saving stuff to the Sd CARD?


Often Off Piste

Yes, generally apps, within their own settings, have an option to save by default to the external sdcard (called extsdcard) rather than the internal storage (which is confusingly called sdcard). When you change this setting in an app the app will normally create the appropriate folder on the extsdcard. If you then want to move existing data (pics music etc) use a file manager (I like ESfile manager) to copy and move them to the new folder created by the app. (I dont suggest cut and paste in case it goes wrong! Go back and delete once safely copied)