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Tips Say WHAT?! Keep reading you want to know this.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ladybadger2007, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Oct 26, 2009

    Oct 26, 2009
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    OK so I dropped my Mesmerize:((only a short fall like 3 feet maybe)after the fall it started acting weird like opening pages at random, freezeing up touch screen not responding. I have the Belief program with phone replacement so no prob right?:D Well I skip into my local store thinking I will walk out with a working phone, well as it turns out no where near me has any for the replacement program in stock. OK no big deal they send me one. It gets here and it looks like a brand phone in a brand new box. So i'm like sweet. :DI now have an extra charger and mem card.:rolleyes::D all I have to send back is the phone and bttry. I happily activate it and it starts acting weird right away. I give it a couple days still freezing up bad and keeps getting worse, so I once again skip to my local store to tell them the phone they sent me isn't acting right.(as it turns out if it takes u longer then 15 days to decide the repalcement isn't working right it counts as 1 of ur 3 replacements) And once again none in stock, well obviously the warehouse is out too. So then the tech support lady informed me that I would (A.) have to wait indefinatly for a Mesmerize to become available :eek: or (B.) take a Desire or Acclaim. :eek: O and I have to give them my phone and use a loner till the Mesmerize is back in stock. :eek:Of corse I'm like Hells no. I am informed that on the Belief program if your phone is not available you have to take a supposedly compareable phone, and it states this in the contract.:eek: So I thought I would let all my Phandroid friends in on this. So be careful taking your Mesmerize in cuz you could leave with an Acclaim. Anyway I went to another store and they are sending me a Mesmerize or so they say. :thinking:Spose to be here Monday:mad::mad::mad:. I'll keep you posted.:mad::mad::mad:


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