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Saying Hi!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by brendacarescorner, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. brendacarescorner

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    Hello Everyone!

    I've been a Blackberry User for years now. I'm a geek so during those years I've tried Palm, Windows Mobile, Nokia, and the iPhone. I actually owned a G1 for a day when it first came out but didn't like the keyboard so I returned it to TMobile for the latest Blackberry. The Android OS intrigues me so I traded my backup BB a White 8520 for a White MyTouch3g less than a week ago. So far my experience with the OS is that I love the capabilities of it, however the lagging and such is pretty bad for a phone with a 500+ Mhz processor speed. I see there is plenty of Application storage space on the device, but can anyone actually tell me how much memory the phone is actually running off of? I downloaded Taskiller and it appears to have approximately 33MB free that would explain why the device slows down so easily, lags & why I get the force close screens. I'm a PC Tech so I'm no novice when it comes to smart phone devices.

    I'm also used to running Beta OS's on BB, and custom ROM's on the palm & Windows Mobile, I also jailbroke my iPhone but the rooting and such of the Android seems to be unclear. I have yet to read instructions that make total sense to me and that's not good. Well, I guess that about covers it for now I suppose. I like the Mytouch3g and plan to have it as my main device for a while as I learn the device day by day.

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    Welcome to the AF forums and enjoy your visits !! :cool:

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    Welcome to AF! :D

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