Root Sbf question


I rooted and then unrooted, how would I go back to complete stock, my phone had not ran right since, and will I have to re activate*228 I am not in vzw territory, thanks


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First of all did you stay on stock Froyo the whole time you were rooted? or did you flash any roms?

If you stayed on stock Froyo and used Z4Root just unroot and uninstall Z4 and any other root requiring apps.

if you do a complete hard factory wipe or sbf back to stock yes you will have to reactivate your phone.


I am back to stock, and used z4 to unroot I am on 2.2.1 is that the newest?

2.2.1 is the newest over the air (OTA) update. We now have a gingerbread leak, which most of us are on, but it isn't official, yet. I hope that answers your question.