[Scam alert] How people trust this app?

Cao Van Thanh

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Yesterday I start researching and found that there are 1 app that I very exciting.
The app with 100 millions download, 4.7 rating.
I was decompile apk to learn how he can optimize device touch response time.
What I found?
This app just show a fake alert dialog that say to people:
"Your touchscreen response time has been reduced by : {random integer 5 or 6} ms"

I don't know why this app get 4.7 rating.


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This kind of crAPP is very common with the Google Play Store.

This is exactly why I cannot stand it when Google says that to 'stay secure' you should only download apps from the Google Play Store.

This kind of crAPP is a perfect example as to why I do not download apps from the Google Play Store.

My guess is that along with discovering that this app does absolutely nothing useful, it also provides Google and/or the app devs all kinds of info on the people that are unfortunate enough to download and use this junk.

This goes right into the bin with all the anti-virus, battery fixers, cpu coolers, RAM boosters, memory expanders, and all that other crap.

You can bet that many, if not most, of the positive reviews are fake, just like the app.

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The only Play Store app I instinctively trust is Rectanal, the haemorrhoid detection app for which you must allow all permissions and sharing.

You must take 10 shots in succession from 5 feet (bent over).
Slightly troubling that it doesn't confirm yay or nay, but rather scores you out of 10.

Best thing is apparently my app username has become extremely popular on some parts of the interweb. For an aging man that's unexpectedly flattering. ;) :cool: