Scanner apps may be a problem.

Interesting. I have been using a real scanner for years, and always knew that it was illegal in some states to use one in a moving vehicle. But like the article says, these apps arent technically using a scanner, they are just streaming audio. It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out.

I for one use the Scanner Radio app all the time, as my scanner is an older one, and doesnt pick up the digital frequencies that my county/state now use. I frequently use the app to monitor traffic, emergency situations, and MOST importantly to monitor severe weather situations.


Android Expert
I have "Scanner Radio" on my phone for safety in emergencies, not to commit crimes or speed. I have a radar detector for that. :) I don't see any legislature making it illegal to simply have a scanner app on your phone which could help save lives in an emergency.

I think it would be hard (if not impossible) for the police to determine if one were actually using a scanner app during the commision of a crime. I don't think that the Android devices, most apps, or servers would permanently keep track of that, would they?

Like I said, I've never used Scanner Radio to aid in speeding, but I wonder if it could be used as a trunking scanner to listen in on the California Highway Patrol?


I was wondering if new york city police departmen scanner feed is offline because i have a scanner app on my ipod touch and i not geting nypd ?